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I'm looking for some great computer audio setup for my room. My price range is around 500$ but it can be higher (900$ max) I have a Macbook Pro with no other audio card or DACs.   I went to a local music equipment store today and they suggested the KRK Rokit5. I found them bass heavy but somewhat muddy. Also, they were quite big for my room.   After testing a few other studio monitors, I saw those Adam A3X monitors well into my price range and my size...
I bought the lighter cable for my SE535s (the one compatible with iPhones). It's very light now, so I don't think is the problem.   I'm just not sure if I should go for longer or bigger.
This price is awesome! Free bump! Is there a reason for selling?
Seems fair and helpful. Shipping to Canada is a bit crazy though (about the same price as the tips), so I just want to be sure.   Anybody else?
It has been about 2-3 weeks that I bought my SE535s and enjoy it a lot!   However, there is a slight issue that I found (for me anyways). Just before buying the SE535s, I had some SE115M+ and bought some Comply tips because it would be compatible with the SE535s as well.   With the SE115M+ (worn over the ear), the comply would block a lot of external noise, while being extremely comfy. Now, with the SE535s, there is a lot of noise that bleeds into the seal...
I'm not sure how this whole thing works, but if you consider the frequency range of the se535s (18Hz - 18kHz) and the iPhone 4, which I have (20Hz - 20kHz). Does that mean I won't be using my Shures to its full potential?   I have heard of FLAC players from the App store on the iPhone. What exactly is lacking from them? The iPhone audio output isn't good enough?   I'm looking at Cowons right now and they look pretty good. My fingers are itching to buy one :P
My bad!   I kind of lost the part where you mentioned remolds.
I have an iPod and an iPhone, but I was looking for a better source before I get my SE535s. I'd be willing to spend about 200$ that can be stretched to 400$ if it's really "worth" it.   I do have access to tons of FLACs and my current music library has nothing under 192kbps, most of them at V0 or V2 (mp3) Support for FLAC and MP3 is a must.   I also would like some "Shuffle" capabilities and...
I'd love a better source.
Isn't ACS in the UK?
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