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Maxx134   The earcup protectors make it seem you applied some laquer treatment to the cups
Hey?! That looks exactly like my setup haha !!   How come you have two of those?    
Don't we have transformer coupled tube amplifiers for that purpose?   Either way, when you have finalized your esw11 mod I would love to have a listen 
@zorin The diameter of the stock ESW11LTD earpads are roughly 37 mm (ear hole). 
That number is not a serial number as I have the same number as on the products cardboard box. I don't think there is any serial number to be found and Audio Technica never mentioned how many units it would produce. We know it is limited. Just not how limited.
I originally got these spare like mint HP-ESW9 earpads from another headfi member which I tried on my ESW11 headphone. In the end I decided that it was not for my taste, despite a very interesting change of flavor in sound.   I am not looking for a profit and I hope someone else will have more use than I did. I bought these for USD35 and the price remains the same.   The price includes worldwide shipping.
Damn you!! You just couldn't resist modding that esw11ltd. Iagree with you and ExpatinJapan. I just settled with the stock pads and that hole is functional.
Nice review project86. It seems that you don't own any Audio Technica W-series headphone anymore. I was curious how these would sound with the CMA800. Do they offer loaners too?
These are not the best quality pictures.. but as far as I can tell this esw11ltd looks authenthic.
And if I had to nitpick.. the es10 earpads are not leather. Sensitive ears here with regards to comfort. Sigh.. sometimes I just wish to stop 'tweaking' and enjoy the music !!   We just need the Audio Technica engineers come up with a new leather ear pad that extracts all the best sonic performance out of that esw11ltd.    
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