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My goodness me. I have been MIA here..   I still hold my ESW11LTD dearly. Can anyone share their impressions of the ESW950 compared to ESW11LTD before I open my wallet?  
@Hiyono After you had your fair share of listening through these beauties, could you tell me how you find the esw9ltd compare against the esw11ltd?   Much appreciated
I really like my esw11ltd. Sold all my other headphones. But reading through the posts here still makes me excited. Of course there is this subjective factor, but would someone like me be missing out big time not having the esw9ltd and esw10jpn in pocession?
Seems like the general consensus is that the ESW10JPN has some special traits over the ESW11LTD which I really like. If anyone would part with their esw10jpn consider me interested.
^ Is the esw9ltd that much different from the esw11ltd?
@dallan I can't wait for your impressions. I sold all my ATH woodies, except for the ESW11LTD, which I absolutely adore. But I only have ESW11LTD for reference now, and I couldn't find any comparison review of ESW9LTD with the ESW11LTD.  
I have still been contemplating to purchase these, but hesitation. If I was swimming in money it would be a different matter.   But I am curious if someone can compare these to the ESW11LTD which I absolutely love.
Wow Currawong !! Very curious to your impressions compared to the other Audio-Technica woodies
Thanks for the post.   However such direct translations are hard to read in the proper context. Hopefully someone with time who understands Japanese can do a proper translation for us.  
I guess it is that urge again to buy a new ATH woody
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