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Congrats man! Beautiful wrapping you've got there. 
I think you should go back a few pages and read again. I'm just politely pointing out to certain users (no names) who, instead of just accepting my opinion, are quick to complain about my choice of amp, source or whatever it may be - that I'm not the only one sharing that opinion. How is that wrong? Whatever, I'll just keep my mouth shut from now on. 
It seems to me like it would be closer to a KGSSHV than to a KGSS. But I may be wrong. 
My 717 is superior to a factory 717 though, so have that in mind. Also, it doesn't matter if you pay 100k for an amp. Unless it has a specific tuning, it won't make those treble dBs in the 009 go away. It's mostly just a matter of FR, and I don't like the FR of the 009.  Also have in mind that well respected enthusiasts such as Bob Katz, Tyll Hertsens and Birgir all prefer the 007 to the 009, and that's with amps like the KGSSHV and BHSE.Not surprised your new 007 is an...
Yeah. The 717 needs no such mod. But all the STAX amps benefit from high-end caps in the different amplification stages. It does give an improvement across the board, with the 007 most notably in the low-end. I've tried most STAX headphones there are... a friend of mine is a collector. The 007 mk1 is king  The very old SR-5 also has a gorgeous midrange. Bass and treble aren't the best, but the mids are sweet as candie.
I'm personally using a modded 717, I would guess it's somewhere around the level of your modded 727. Caps replacements did a great job tightening up the low-end of the 007. In its original state, the bass was a tad loose compared to the 009. Now, the bass of the 007 is just as fast and tight as the 009 but richer and a little weightier. With the BHSE, I'm sure it will be even better. With the treble I guess it's just preferences. I've never found the vocals of the 009 to...
It varies with model. The 70xxx ones I've heard don't have it. Mine (71xxx) has a little bit of it, but I happen to like it actually. Never gets bright to my ears but does add a little bit och sparkle and "fun" compared to the earlier 70xxx model. I find the SR-009 much more bothersome, having what I hear as a raised upper midrange/low treble. It makes the sound more immediately "detailed" but really it just sounds unnatural to me. 
While in theory I can imagine that would work pretty well, why would you bother? There is nothing the 009 does better IMO and the 007 can be had for half the price.  And before anyone jumps in and talks about "detail" and "air" and "soundstage width"... it's just more treble, guys. It's just more treble.  
Interesting to hear STAX is producing an amplifier specifically for the SR-009. Hopefully, it will be tuned so that it will attenuate the (IMO, quite significant) flaws of the 009 and bring it closer to the 007 mk1, which I definitely feel is a superior headphone. Something along the lines of what Sennheiser did with the HDVD800 + HD 800.   
I'm curious to see Tyll's measurements on these. 
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