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 I actually find them to go well with many types of music. Sounding great with Patricia Barber's "Moon" for example. They're pretty dark and very full sounding, so if you like your headphones HD800-style this will not do. But I tend to like richer, laid-back sounding cans. 
I have a pair of Solo 2s on loan and.. gotta say, they are pretty good. Kind of a meatier, darker sound but surprisingly coherent and clear throughout. Midrange is great. 
Thanks! Yes I was indeed referring to the HeadAmp KGSS.
What differentiates the KGSSHV from the KGSS?
I've tried many STAXes but most only briefly, so I can't give any certain recommendations. Most sound fantastic, some are a bit bright. A tip is to ask here which way to go.If you want to stay simple and and stick to your Mjolnir as an amp, the T1 is pretty good from what I recall. Though I do remember them as a little bright up top, they have a very nice tonality overall.  
How about a used STAX system? IMHO, the Audeze's sound far better than both the T1 and the HD 800. Electrostats is a good choice if you seek something similarly capable but tonally different. 
 That would be my guess.
Almost. I believe it was an iPod Touch at the Apple Store, running 256 kbit files. But then again, my pair sounded that way too and I used that from the same source (iphone 5) as with the better sounding pair. 
Want to know something weird? I tried my friend's Momentum and it sounded fantastic. Actually better than the P7 in my opinion, with tighter bass and better balance throughout the midrange. Good treble presence too, very natural. Not quite the detail of the P7 but overall it really surprised me. Then I tried another Momentum in the Apple Store very recently and it was the same ol' Momentum sound I remembered from my pair. Quite veiled sounding and a bit loose in the...
 Sure thing, slick. 
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