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How is u/v shaped a good thing?? I like my sound balanced, preferrably slightly dark/mellowed. And while I dislike the HD 800, U-shaped it is not.
I'm confused... are these bright or are they dark? Some seem to find the treble harsh, offensive even, while others I know claim they are more like the 650s than the 800s for comparison.    Have to try and listen to a pair.
The Lambda Signature is the finest Lambda I've personally heard. 
Strange. I didn't hear this "totally different sound". I spent about two days A-B-ing with both well run in. Headphone + amp is a STAX SR-009 and SRM-006T. Standard power cable, good quality RCA-interconnect and audioquest USB are used. If there IS a difference, it sure ain't massive. 
Of course it's outputting high res. 
Intrigued by this. However, I hope what we've seen on pictures doesn't reflect the production model. While I like the overall aesthetic, it needs some refinement for sure to earn a price like that. 
Not to make this thread a discussion about looks (god forbid) but I kind of like how the Lambdas look. There is a charm to the aesthetics and the plastic construction is quite solid actually, it can take a hit. The sigmas though, basically look and feel like plastic toys.    The SR-009 may be the most impressive headphone construction I've ever come in contact with though. Gorgeous, precision cut metal assembly with beautiful chamfering and combined with the detail of...
I may be wrong here, but from my memory the 507 is more aggressive sounding than the 407. They have the same drivers but the 507 uses different earpads (always makes a difference to some degree), headband arc and cable.    Anyways, I have a 407 and it's a nice headphone for sure. Compared to the 009 it's a tad less refined with less extended and controlled bass and it's a bit brighter up top. The 009 also sounds bigger with more precise imaging. But overall, quite...
Great! I'm actually considering a KGSSHV myself, just waiting to start working so the $$$ fill up. I have a 009 on loan and it would sure be nice to spend some time with the combo.
 You speak almost as if your word is law and you have a stone table to prove it Comparing measurement data rarely tells the whole story in my experience, that I included them earlier was really just to give a visual representation of the difference between the 007s. It is true though that the 009 indeed has a slight upper hand on paper. They appear much more similar to me though on paper than they are in practice. And Innerfidelity doesn't have data of the earlier mk1s...
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