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Unobtanium maybe? 
My pleasure! Good luck 
T1 is unfortunately not flat, but quite bright. It sounds good until you get to the high notes, where everything falls apart.  You should look into finding a used Grado HP1000. It was intended as a true monitoring headphone and it's up to the task. Revealing and very neutral. Neither bright nor dark with just a hair of roll-off at the very top and bottom of the frequency spectrum. It's still one of the most neutral headphones ever and it's also fantastic for music...
The thing is though, you'd have to make some pretty buying poor decisions if you end up with a system that poor. While your point is sound, I really think you are blowing things up quite a bit just to prove it. 
Do any of you actually hear a difference between 16/44 and 24/96 or 24/192 material? I certainly don't, not with either of the Meridian DACs. I'm using Audirvana. So much false statements everywhere. Huge differences between high-quality DACs, huge differences between USB cables, huge differences between CD quality and "High-res" recordings. My god... 
The Director will be upgraded shortly to support MQA. If you're not in a hurry, sit tight for a while.
Edit: Never mind
Glad to hear I'm not the only one Well at least this one looks more serious... and has RCA outputs
I'm confused. Shouldn't this DAC be a bigger improvement of the Explorer? Of course, found the Explorer to be a marginal improvement driving headphones over just plugging them into my iPhone.   I believe that a good DAC is a good DAC, but still I can't help wanting more. Using STAX SR-009 with SRM-006TS amp so resolving capabilities should be no concern...
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