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It's funny how in 2009/2010 when it was released, everyone talked about the awesome HD 800 and its extreme price. Now, 5 years later, it's considered a "best value" product, even though the price has actually gone up a little bit...! In 5 years, maybe the LCD-4 will be the go-to headphone for best value
While the HD 650 is a nice headphone for sure (and can be modified to sound even nicer!) it's just not nearly as refined as the Audeze's or any of STAX's models in my opinion. Or the HD 800 for that matter, even though I actually prefer the tonality of a modded 650 to the 800.    Totally agree though on your comment that a line needs to be drawn on the pricing...
One size does not fit all, as they say. I happen to find that the STAXes do rock pretty well though, if it's well recorded. Certainly better than how my HD 800s did it... Though the LCD-2 rev2 I had sure was a blast with most electronic music. Not as detailed as the STAXes can be (which in turn makes them more enjoyable with certain electronic music) but the bass sure was rich and powerful. The LCDs probably have the most powerful bass on the headphone market that still...
This made me laugh... though I'm not sure that was the idea...  
While I can't agree with you on the Momentum part, OK so the LCDs might be more fun because of that more physical, slammin' bass. But with regards to transparency and realism, I definitely think the LCD series fall behind. 
Well naturally they must write something bold in order to create expectation, with a price like that. The MSRP of the LCD-4 basically puts it in the same camp as the SR-009, an extremely well regarded high-end headphone from a highly experienced, highly prestigious manufacturer. Which Audeze is not. They owe a huge amount of their rapid success to the head-fi community. Whether or not they actually ARE that good remains to be seen like you say. Maybe they are, which would...
 Ha-ha. What a childish and unprofessional sentence. Not up to the standards one would expect from a company selling headphones of this calibre. 
http://www.fujiya-avic.jp/blog/?p=20418 New lambdas with a new amplifier. The electrode design reminds me of the 009s.
Bla bla, sales marketing... They should spend more energy into the design/ergonomics department instead.
Pricing is outrageous. I'll stick with STAX at this level, thank you very much. No respect for Audeze anymore, they make great sounding headphones but this has gone way to far.
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