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Note sure how I would rate them, but it's a rock-solid fit both in ear and on the capsules which is more relevant to me personally than what I perceive as a slight muffling of the high frequencies.Cheers!
 I agree! Why am I even coming back here... this thread is so full of ignorance and lacking in knowledge and simple reason that it's not even funny. If you need clarification, just read JaZZ's post or several others further back by me and other non-biased owners with actual insight in how measurements work.  Trolls yes, that's what we are. Even though we have, in thorough and respectful efforts, done our best to make a serious point in order to help potential buyers make a...
2000 usd or anywhere close below it wouldn't be reasonable either. The ~$700 price tag the IE800 carries is quite extreme as it is. It's just an inear after all.
Yes. Carrying around both a phone and the (quite heavy) HA2 was too impractical for me, but I enjoyed the combo. Bass boost is great on trains/loud commute. 
My Comply's fit very firmly. You actually have to put some work into getting them into place when they're new because it's so tight. So it's obviously not true with all tips.The sound does indeed change, however. So you're just gonna have to choose for yourself what is the lesser of two evils.
Unfortunately the stock tips don't fit many of us well, hence the discussion on third-party options. The best sound in the world won't do no good if the stupid little buggers keep sliding out.
Mediocre cellphone pic. But there you have em.  No idea about the 500s, only ever used these ones. These are the Comply tips I use with my IE800s! It doesn't say on the page that they're made for the IE800 but they fit them that's for sure. It's a really snug fit so no chance they're gonna fall off. 
Thanks for your support! I'll make sure to get a picture of the connector up as well. 
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