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Ordered me an SRS-4170 system, can't wait! 
Yep, I mean the mk1
 Not tried what many would consider to be an "entry" level STAX system, like the 202 with a cheaper STAX amp, but compared to the SRS-4170... it's just not close, at least not overall. Yes, the Audeze's may possibly have better bass than the 407 (not better than the SR-007 though) but the resolution, naturalness and transient response of STAX just brings new life into well recorded music in my opinion. There is an airy effortlessness (if that's even a word) and at the same...
 Can't speak for the 323 but I've also tried this ^ 4170 system and there is absolutely no etch to the sound. I think it sounds fantastic and far better than "high-end" dynamic cans like the HD 700, HD 800, T1 etc. Thinking about purchasing a 4170 system myself as I can't afford an SR-007 system at this time. 
 They are. Listen to an HD 800 and then switch to a 407... it's a different level IMO. 
 The SR-407 is neither bright nor harsh, at least not from the 006TS. Sounds absolutely beautiful and much better and smoother than all dynamics I've listened to thus far. 
Compared the new AKG K812 to the HD 800, both from the Sennheiser HDVD800. Not very impressed by either. Then I tried the SRS-4170 system.  Ridiculous how superior it sounded. 
Cool box! What's in it? 
 This is what I tell people about the Ultrasone ED10 
  The LCD-2 has just the right amount of bass, delivers when supposed to and never intrudes on the midrange. It's just that most open headphones by nature can't really hit those low notes with enough authority. 
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