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Thanks, this is what I originally assumed also. And to the big question; can this induce damage to the diaphragm over time? It's very easy to make this happen on the SR-007, you basically just have to press it slightly while it's on your head.
What's causing it exactly? Is it not due to vacuum?
Shouldn't it be avoided though in order to ensure the longitivity of the membrane?It's one of the downsides of the 007 mk1. It "farts" like crazy!
IMHO, the technical qualities of the SR-009 are close to exemplary. No issues with regards to coherency, frequency extension or refinement. I do however think that the presentation is a bit dull compared to the SR-007 which I personally feel is a clear step up from everything else. 
It's not subtle. Even when you take away the very noticeable midbass-hump that it has (can be fixed by covering the ports in the membrane that are there to prevent vacuum) the mk2,5 is a much more forward sounding headphone. I like it though (with the port mod), but I still prefer the more laid-back mk1 that also has slightly better bass extension. As I understand it, the japanese mk2 version (the silver one) is much more similar to the mk1. Still have to do the port mod...
There are different sounding Momentums (Over ear) out there. My friend's Momentum sounds fabulous, while my pair was a little too dark and bloated in the bass and my cousin's pair is a bit too tizzy up top. 
You'll have to ask someone else that question as I've really just heard the SR-007 with stock and modified (some heavily) STAX amps. I can tell you though that the STAX tube amps in stock form just won't cut it in terms of power supply for the 007 and the 727II in stock form is not too great, so if you want to spend the higher $$$ and modding is out of the question you probably have to look at third-party amps or DIY. Quite a few around here who have experience with those,...
Didn't fancy the Momentum on-ears. Sounded bright and a bit unrestrained up top. The rest was alright though. 
 The LCD-3 is a bit "creamier" and has heftier, richer bass. The SR-009 is certainly better technically though, as are most of the STAX electrostats compared to the "competition". More open and clear sounding above all.  If you like the LCD-3s sound but want an upgrade without spending huge $$$ I would go with SR-007 mk1 and 323s. I personally prefer the SR-007 to the SR-009. It's a more authentic, more involving sound. 
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