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*Price drop* for quick sale - I have the above for sale for SGD3000. Prefer local pickup in Singapore at my place where you can try before purchase.   Selling because of hobby change.   I also have an Audeze LCD-2 for sale together. See my ad in the headphones classified.   Please SMS 9-769-4664 or PM if interested.   Thank you Jeremy Ng 9-769-4664
Audeze LCD-2 for sale. Lambskin edition. SGD1000. Prefer local pickup in Singapore at my place where you can try the headphones before purchase.   Selling because I hardly use headphones nowadays. Hobby Change.   I also have an Antelope Zodiac+ and Voltikus to pair with these headphones if you're interested. SGD5000 for the full set if bought together (Zodiac+, Voltikus & LCD-2)   Please SMS or PM if interested. Thank you.   Jeremy Ng 9-769-4664
I'll definitely compare the two - I have the 1964Quads & Triples as well ... and even now, from memory, I've got some opinions, but to be fair, I'll spend some good time listening before I make any comments.   
Got my JH16s last night ... fit perfect! Sounds almost perfect too ... Gonna spend a bit more time with them.    My Westone ES5s are coming back from a refit and I'll get them tomorrow night - it's gonna be fun!! :)
Just wanted to drop in with a short note -    Used the Q & T briefly for about a week, I gotta say the Quads are now my go to IEMs. Excellent for music listening with the nice tight low end and sufficient soundstage.    I'm not a basshead but I still prefer the Quads to the Triples. I'd probably love the triples if they were the only customs I had, but with both now, the Quads are my choice.    My Westone ES5s have been sent back for refitting, so I can't do...
FWIW, mine shipped 2 days earlier than the second promised date they gave me.    DHL delivered to my house this afternoon but I'm in the office now ... will probably try it out tonight if I have the time and see how it sounds .... :)
You dont have to pop out your customs ... just listen through your ear phones and talk into the iPhone - that's what I do ....    I'd be wary of adding unnecessary circuitry that might affect SQ .... especially if you're getting a TWAG, u get if for the SQ not anything else ... 
Mine were ready for sometime but we wanted to ship with the quads so it shipped out about a week later. Yeah got the clear to disappear into my ears for more critical stage use.
They're here!! Woo hoo! :)   Haven't heard them yet, just a few photos ..... -    1. They included a pouch with my Quads although I didn't have one before 2. The new Triples come with a small bottle of OTO ease lubricant which might be helpful but I personally don't use it 3. Having both the old and new case, I prefer the new case just because there is more space to just "dump" everything in without having to worry too much about the positions and the cut...
lalala .... mine shipped out yesterday too ... :)
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