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Completely agree - with neutral amp and source HD800 translate music as it is.  
From MixOnline:
Try a soft dust cloth for glasses, LCD-screens, etc. – should help. I believe that some special cleaning liquid may be applied, but you must determine the nature of the smudge first. HD800 manual says that “all externally visible surfaces may be cleaned”, just don’t let anything touch the driver.
Interesting... I bought a pair of HD800 almost a year ago and they still look flawlessly, just the same as brand new, being in use every day though. Alkantara proved to be very enduring material - earpads are still in exellent conditon - the ones on the HD650 age faster and were replaced once. As for the paint, I've had no problem with both 650 or 800 (650 were bought ~4 years ago).   Maybe I'm about to get dissapointed with 800 for the first time?   Sad thing...
  I can strongly recommend HD800 for almost any classical music lover, but with (at least) two exceptions. There are people who just prefer “dark” sound; There are people who listen to old (archival) recordings mostly (e.g. Beethoven’s symphonies conducted by Furtwängler). In both cases HD800 is not a good option. I’m inclined to think that LDC-2 would be the best choice then.   In any other case I can hardly imagine a headphone that can...
Half of my digital library is copied to three separate drivers (one external), so its x3 back up, but the other half is not (yet).
    None and any.
    We are talking about studio monitors here, and these brands make outstanding monitors in many price ranges (you won't find $500-per-pair PMC monitors). No need to say that many professionals chose them as a reference, as a benchmark. KRK and M-Audio are good, but if you want something better...
          I have downloaded and listened to Lilith along with foobar2k – both sound the same. See no point in listening to others. Of course some players fail to maintain bit-perfect playback, even with ASIO, but that does not mean that bit-perfectness in non-existent. Properly configured player A and player B will sound identical. I also fail to hear a slightest difference in sound played from my foobar2k and Cubase. 
  I’d recommend you to look into serious manufactures – Adam, Genelec, JBL, Mackie. And getting an absorption panel behind each monitor will remove the problem with positioning them close to a wall. 
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