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  The game pairs incredibly well with music, very relaxing.
Do you have any experience with comply foam tips? They seem a bit pricey, but they have a foam filter and I am looking for a better seal anyway (medium tips are a little bit small, big ones hurt my ears after a while).   I have the number and address to send them back but it would be such a waste of a fine pair of headphones.
Third day of having them. The small metal filter on the right earbud fell out and was lost in an attempt to glue it back into place. As I see it I have three choices:   1 Do nothing    2 Send back headphones   3 Buy filtered eartips   I am leaning towards 3 at the moment because I was told that foam in the eartips would mellow some of the harsh highs that are a bit annoying sometimes. I am curious how important it is to have these filters, though there is...
B seems to be the lossless, the its in the gaps eh?
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