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I seem to be having problems with scanning the media on my microSD card. Everytime I try to scan my microsd the DX90 reboots itself halfway through the scan. The result is some files can be played while some cant. If I try to play the files that have not been scanned, the DX90 will try to scan them before playing but it will reboot itself again even before the scan begins. Has anyone experienced this?
Good to know. :) I actually just bought a Baratza Forte recently. Cant wait for it to arrive and pull some shots with it haha. Anyway, back to Rag. With 30lbs, the international shipping fee wont be cheap on this one 
Wonder how the JH13s compare to the universal Roxannes
Or, u can just get a baratza vario instead of the mazzer mini, save $200 which can then be used to up ur budget for the Rag from $1499 to $1699 
Pianos are actually a combination of percussion and strings lol
How good is the HE-560 in replicating the dynamics and tonal balance of pianos? Most headphones I know usually cant pull this one off very well.
are the headphone interconnects the same as those on the HE500? Basically, can 3rd party cables designed for the HE500 be used on the HE560?
Does the JH13 come stock with silver or copper cables?
U guys are forgetting to take into account the vegan pads which are more open than the leather ones. They sound the same to me but to others it might impact the sub bass region as well
wont be able to make the 13th im afraid. Sorry guys >< Hope u guys enjoy yourselves there though 
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