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Not sure what your max budget is, The ECCI PR100 isolates quite well and is one of the best performers in the sub$25 range.    Edited: I just checked that the HJE120 cost about USD6-10. At that range, I would say just go for it. If not, I think you can try the Kanen KM92 wooden in ears for about $4.   
Great review, Mark. I especially like that you did some comparisons. Do you also own the Sunrise X-cape?
I personally think the brainwavz series have garnered more than enough fame to stand on their own two feet instead of spawning new line of products that closely resemble Visang or any other makers. They are bound to confuse people and make associations, fair or otherwise.    I looked at the Music Valley SP1 and can't help but think that the M3 can't be that good.    If Raz is thinking of something for the M4, I hope it will be a departure from such clones. I hear...
If you are in no hurry, perhaps you might want to wait for the M3 so as to expand your options. 
To be fair, they do benefit quite a fair bit from burning in, and at 51% off, i would keep them.
The sound quality is always just a little bit more disappointing such that I only confine its use to my iphone (for occasional music use) because of the mic function. However, for the price during sale, it is excellent as far as built quality and bundled accessories are concerned. I should mention that these are very comfortable even after wearing for extended hours.   It is a top company to deal with on the customer service front. 
Agreed, klipsch S4 are pretty much overpriced considering the quality of many sub-100 earphones these days. I like the brainwavz quite alot.
Would be interested to hear more impressions in due time. I too don't like the housing. If these were Visang 04, they don't seem as widely acclaimed in mainland China, according to some chinese sites, the reviews have been mixed.   At the higher price bracket they sell for, I'd assume they are looking at some tough competition. Will be looking closely to see how it fare against Re0, Zero, Re252, Xcape and perhaps also the new ECCI PR401.
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