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You guys really throw out lots of temptations. I just bought an KZ-A1 and a Havi B3. It will probably take a while, I was almost tempted to abuse my business courier a/c but opted not to as it was not urgent. My previous experience with cheap China phones was the wooden Kanen KM92. They blow everything out of the water in that price range up til USD20... and they have the benefit of not being cold when you put them on in the winter. It has been a few years since then, I am...
Thats good to know.   There were static noises in some of the older ones and either not at phones are supported or that older version is faulty. I did a search and found some reviewers also had the same issue.   I can rule out that they are not fakes. I have not looked at the new 2.0 ones yet, so my questions was in relation to that, in fact, I didn't know about version 2.0 untiil I came to this website a few days ago. I can tell a fake old version apart but not the...
Xiaomi employee. An acquantaince of a supplier of mine in Shenzhen. I met him very briefly in HK last december. All is just ideas now. Alot of times, the development for these markets is reactionary, strategies are crafted in response to what competitors do. Companies like to take a dig at each other, especially when you witness the predatory nature of advertising or presentations at launches. What is certain is that new product will be launched every year. To gain an...
My sources in China tell me that they are preparing another model at the same time in the 2nd half of this year to launch with another new xiaomi phone. If I already have one and don't need an earphone with a mic right now, I would wait. 
How does the Klipsch S4i II compare to the piston 2.0? I really need one with mic for my mobile. I can get both around the same price approx USD20, if it helps. I listen to a broad range of music, bass is appreciated but not top of my list. 
Does the piston work on all cell phones? I read somewhere that they only support xiaomi phones?    Are there reliable ways to tell a fake from a genuine ones? e.g. some kind of label, rather than a chocolatey smell. Even some of the reviews in the links provided here seem to indicate they are fakes. 
I was thinking the same, whether it's worth the extra $5-6 for the M5. I prefer neutral sounding ones so both seem suitable. But if i have to get 2 M5s, i would have to forgo the deltas.
I know it is blasphemous to ask, but how is the sound quality on the fakes? For $36 shipped on DX, the accessories and build quality appears to best those OEM selling at that price range. 
Not sure what your max budget is, The ECCI PR100 isolates quite well and is one of the best performers in the sub$25 range.    Edited: I just checked that the HJE120 cost about USD6-10. At that range, I would say just go for it. If not, I think you can try the Kanen KM92 wooden in ears for about $4.   
Great review, Mark. I especially like that you did some comparisons. Do you also own the Sunrise X-cape?
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