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I ordered my B3 from the Taobao website and love them for the price I paid. They included lots of gifts including a cleaning cloth, hard zipper case and additional foam tips. I think i have mentioned before that there are still some pro versions circulating at the time I ordered around 2 weeks ago. They were advertised as such and I believe i got what i ordered. Sound was fantastic for vocals and instruments. There was no bloated bass to speak of and definitely no...
FWIW, i shipped about 5 earphones and its only around 600g. Earphones ain't that heavy, the packaging (big ass box) on some might make the volumetric weight heavier than the actual weight for shipping cost calculations.
Everyone hears what they want to hear. It is almost like an attack on their belief system because they paid good money for the beats and WANT to think that they are 1) Not stupid and 2) their purchase was justified
It seems my comments hit a few sore nerves, all I indicated is that if the pistons were selling for usd 40, i would still pay for them but 10x at $200, no way in hell. It was never meant to be any attack on anyone's integrity or value system. How that came to be construed that way nobody knows. Perhaps its a cultural thing but I and many other Chinese who grew up in dirt poor and moved on to middle class families, we were never lavish in our praise nor bask in them. If we...
That smell is an ancient Chinese drug used to make people give better reviews than the target object actually is or deserves. They have been used in such instances when families want to marry their porcine like daughter away even though she looks worse than the neighbor's sow.It seems like there are a few who have become intoxicated by that same poison. Piston's are good iems and the pricing is fair value up to twice their selling price, not x10 or 20 that some...
You would be doing a great public service comparing the two and possibly writing about the differences here. Good on ya. 
The fakes seems to beset only the silver models are far as reports go. I may be wrong though. The Chinese are super efficient pirates. 
Wish it came with a clip. Still nothing like a sansa clip for the gym. All those armbands or putting it in the pocket just gets in the way. This is the link i got my Havi B3 from. I think it is the pro version. The operative word being 专业 which means professional.
LOL, you are really pushing me off the cliff. How many IEMs can a man want? 
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