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^ For almost $50, yes, that would be quite a risk to take. 
LOL. It is CNY now. If someone tells you it's on the first week of April, it's an April's fool joke. 
God bless you. I can only hope. Please dun hold me liable for anything. 
Go to the ugomark link.    Click on "This product on" link on the right hand side, where the seller details are. Once at the taobao page, hover around the word 所有分类, which means entire product range. A drop down will show the full list of products. Click on B3-Pro.   The ones on ugolink posted by Negakinu that translates the product as "Harvey B3 box flavor ie2 dynamic two-unit double -ear headphones hifi professional super- iron Christmas gifts" is actually...
The ones showing the box and the ones with the two earpieces and a picture of the ear in the centre are all not the pro version. 
Correct me if I am wrong but most people who have posted about their B3 not sounding up to expectations because it is not the pro version, was it an initial impression or did you allow it some time to burn in?    I have the pro version and my opinion of it is not dissimilar to what bhazard described i.e. largely positive. With all the poor reviews of the other two rendition, I actually curious as to how it can be so vastly different. 
I can confirm this is not the case. In fact, I just learn recently that the fakes in gold and silver sound the same... equally bad. I don't think there is any genuine upgrade in the colors in the case of fakes. They could all be using the same parts except for the color. On the market though, the fake gold ones sell for slightly more than the fake silver ones. You cannot trust the taobao sellers. Many have 100s of review stating great sound quality and yet are...
I remember out of the 3, it was the one with a dude's photo. When I bought, they had multiple listings of the respective versions, now they have narrowed it down to 3. Even with that, I wonder how the store is able to differentiate. I only have one so I can't tell if there is a difference in the outer packaging. There must be a way they could tell those apart in order to despatch the relevant ones.  The pros sold the least out of the lot, apparently, the enhanced version...
I doubt so. It is just a CNY cum pre-order promo price. The free fedex is an attractive proposition.
Is the pre-order promo price usd189.50 at mp4nation the best price for an EU resident?
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