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 I hear you on the Lay's Potato chip analogy, it's hard to have just one. I was actually on my way to meet my girlfriend then and in the rush hour, some lady snagged her handbag against my cord, I would've slammed on the door to alert the staff and gone after the train or rather her, but she didn't look all that cute. In situations like this, you don't need an ice breaking or a cold open and it's an ideal way to get things started. Oh well... 
That is why I am more than pleased to just stay at the budget price range. I am rather careless and sometimes lose things or damage them like recently i was exiting the train and the cords got caught in a lady's handbag and she was oblivious to it and continued moving inside, i was outside and the train door just shut and my earphones made its own solo journey 1/2 in the carriage and 1/2 outside.Once your ear has "evolved" to appreciate higher grade earphones, everything...
Awei ES800 is very muddy and the overall sound is artificially dull. I dun like it. For the price, there are much better ones out there today.
They shipped it after Christmas in small batches, mainly in the mainland. If you are outside the country, the fastest would be after the new year. But it's true that they were shipped "last year".
Hi, i wish I could be more helpful. I got them directly from Taobao. Are you familiar with shopping there? I would assume an understanding of written Chinese is required.Almost any seller there would offer both the Mic and regular model in the check out option. I think the mic version cost around 10-15 RMB more.I have no idea how it works on aliexpress or any other english version of taobao.If u like the taobao link i got from, pls then send me a PM. I'll look up my...
[URL]Herehttps://m.imgur.com/JuecBny,RgyYPsA,ERyKGgx,VFm1QJM,nzssnpP,aklki4napologies for the poor image. sh**ty photographer with a mediocre iphone 6+ camera.They are quite heavy and I feel the strain relief on the cables are not ideal. The stock tips work for me but they have a pair of blue double flange and some regular black ones in various sizes.Haven't had a real chance to listen to them carefully but off the box, the sound is really good, at least I felt more so...
The EDSE seem to garner pretty good review here and it's not bad BUT the new ED 8m simply blows it out of the water. I was afraid the housing might be a little heavy but it has stayed in my ears the whole time and provides a good seal. I am not an audiophile, but a value hunter and this is my new favorite all rounder. 
Finally, the KZ ED8M is shipped. Or so the seller says. It would be a week or two before I actually get them. 
There is a shop in my town that has a banner hanging there stating closing down sale. Thats all fine and dandy, i am always up for a cheap bargain. The problem is, it's already been five years and the shop is still there and they still bring in new stocks to replace the supposedly liquidated ones. Think of the IF version as the same thing.
Or if you are ordering by today and your orders are more than USD250, use 10OFF250CNY for 10% off. 
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