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I've been trying to land a set for months now, and always seem to miss out on opportunities in this forum, despite checking listing regularly! Is there anyone with a good set that's feeling generous?
 I'd love them, but my wife would have kittens if I dropped nearly $200 on IEMs, LOL!
Let us know if and when it's resolved, Brian may have phones for sale in the future and it'd be good reference.
I've reviewed his post history and he seems like a nice and reliable dude. I wonder if some type of misfortune has befallen Mr. Hendricks.
So what's the deal? Did you guys work out the sale or are these IEMs still for sale?
That sucks man! I really would love to hear a pair of tf10s, I've been trying to land a pair for quite sometime.
Hear anything yet?
Lord no! I always wait for seller communication before I drop money like this. Call me paranoid, LOL.
Are these still for sale and did you get my PM?
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