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No word from Computex?
Not sure where to post this and apologies in advanced if its a repost, but here goes:   For those looking for an excellent pair of Rock/Metal cans, look no further! RRP $200 Price with code: $171 Promotional Code: sr225 <- added on your cart and then click on "Update Totals" Link: Headroom can do free shipping to the USA but I'm afraid they can't ship Grado products outside of the US (though some...
Sorry for asking, but thats a bad thing ( I really don't know )?
Looks like an external Dac/Amp combo with USB, Coax and Optical inputs.   Also has Headphone, Balanced (XLR)  and Unbalanced outputs.   This is closely reminiscent of my Yulong D100... can't wait for reviews!
    Read over here:
Received my D100 3 days ago and I must say it sounds alot better out of the box than my Xonar Essence STX. I'm not very good with detailed impressions but I'm very happy with the purchase and I feel that it is a worthwhile upgrade.   Hooked up to my older X-fi card which I find better for positional audio and gaming is even more of a bliss!   Now to sell the sound card and get better phones... (DT880 600s perhaps?)
I use them with my - best comfort/seal I've ever had (compared to Shure foamies/stock tips).
Thanks for the replies guys, I've ordered the D100 and is on its way - will post more info once it arrives (legitimacy and reliability etc).
Hi All,   After much reading I've decided to open thread to try and compare a Yulong D100 against a Xonar Essence STX (and my first post to boot). I am currently using the card with ATH-AD700s but I plan to upgrade to DT880 600s and a decent Tube amp.   I'm not certain about the rules for posting websites, but I've managed to find a really good deal for the D100 and I am wondering whether it will be worth it to jump ship.   Any thoughts on...
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