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Dissed but not put down.   Annoyed but not irked.   Flummoxed but not stumped.
I recently bought a bottle of R&K Salix and a converter to ink up one of my calligraphy pens. I like it a lot. It's well behaved on the page--no bleed through or feathering to speak of, even on cheap notebook paper--and it flows nicely out of the pen. None of the samples I looked at online conveyed the color well, though, because it wasn't at all what I was expecting. Being an iron gall ink, the color changes from brilliant blue to a more faded, grayish hue after about 30...
Just checking in here again with a public service announcement. In previous posts, I've described how I cleaned my DT880 pads by putting them in warm water and mild dish soap and then letting them dry. Well, I've got a very strong caution regarding this to pass along:   Do not try to speed up the drying process with any kind of heat source. The pads will shrink.   So I discovered this evening, to my extreme annoyance. It probably should have occurred to me that adding...
It's amazing what I miss when I don't check back here for days on end.
Chattering, fluttering annoyance but not murmuring, winging starling.*   * I immensely disapprove of said fluttering annoyances, but do not greatly dislike starlings, because they breed annually in my bedroom roof, but do not nest yearly in my bedchamber ceiling.
I check in from time to time. A slow trickle, but at least things haven't dried up completely.
Three little trees freeze but not triplicate saplings glaciate.
 June? That's old news. My local supermarket already has stuff out for the 4th of July. (As those fine folks in this thread who live somewhere other than the US are no doubt aware, this involves stuff with lots of American flags and images of fireworks on it. Actual fireworks have yet to appear, but it's only a matter of time.)
Allegation but not claim.
I quite like mangos. Just not as much as cheese.
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