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Bruin here as well
@ Theoman     I ship the cable out on time, wiht tracking number, as promised. The cable has already been delivered and u hv it on ur hands now. I just don't understand wt's wrong with you.......   It took you almost 20 days to clear the payment and I mailed the cable out immediately the next day..... sigh.....  hopeless
Must be very heavy...... 
it's made of OCC silver, custom made by Chris.
It comes with Viablue SC-2 Y-splitter, of German MDPC-X sheathing & Double Helix 1/4" termination. 90% new (No Damages at all), very flexible and light. Still has warranty covered by HeadphoneLounge.   Only accept PayPal (***No Gift). Will ship with USPS delivery confirmation.   If buyer is not satisfied, 70% refund within 2 days.
I hv been using the Earpods with my iPhone5 for a few days  Honestly, it's even worse than UE350......
    That's the point, LOL 
nice pics!    Let me help u to bump this up!!!
The pictures you uploaded are from headfonia's review..... right?
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