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This device looks really cool! If it supports ALAC and has line out then I'll be determined to get one (like first-in-line to get a new iphone determined). If it doesn't support ALAC then I might only be considering it... Still it looks to be very promising! Can't wait for the first reviews to start rolling in! Probably have to wait a while for them though... :(
Just placed my order :) I love the Brainwavz line so much that this will be my 8th set. Looking forward to hearing how these sound compared to the others. I just hope that having dual dynamic drivers isn't a gimmick and that they actually offer some acoustic benefit. With Brainwavz though, I think we will be in for something special even considering the low price.
Thanks for your suggestions. And I'm just using a cheap USB DAC (Nuforce uDAC) and a headphone amp but I'd rather upgrade my headphones before I bother upgrading sources.
  Hi, I currently have SRH440's and MS-1i's (the MSi's being my favorites). Now I enjoy both of these headphones but am looking to upgrade to something better. I listen to mostly metal, rock, alternative and a little bit of electronic music, a bit of everything really but mostly metal and rock. So I was thinking about getting the MS2i's but I'm not sure... I was looking at spending roughly $300 (AUD or maybe more) and am looking for any suggestions. I'm in no rush to...
Sorry, probably should've put those details in my post lol. Anyway, the amp's a Meier Headsix and the LOD was bought from ebay seller sohfatfish. The case is made by Jansport but I don't know much else about it.
    Been a long time lurker on these forums and thought I'd finally post some pics of my portable set-up. Sorry about the picture quality btw, I took the pics with my phone.
Hi, I was just wondering if you'd be willing to ship to Australia?
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