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Thank you for the replies,   Don't worry I have been using this pair of iems for this purpose for at least a year (had the 535 for 3 years total) Thank you for your concern but I only use the iems when I am doing stationary equipments for cardio.
a perhaps unpopular opinion coming from a person who spent a sizeable chunk of money in a futile pursuit of sonic bliss:   stop worrying about what other people say or think. plug your device to the speaker, see if YOU enjoy the sound.  don't ask for other people to tell you what is or isn't a decent setup. 
Hey guys,  I have been happy with my audio gear and have not come here in a long time. As a result, I am no longer in the know about which portable audio players are good.  last week my trusy sansa clip + died after 3 years and now I am looking for another audio player but I don't know which one to get.  Another Sansa clip + is an option but I thought maybe there are better products out there now.    I ONLY use portable player at the gym.  some information that might...
Hi folks,  Im selling a practically new JVC eaphone I purchased sealed from head-fi member "Pianist" yesterday. I listened to them for a little but but I am not very impressed, so I am selling mine.  please contact me if interested.   Regards Dan
Hi folks,  my desktop setup is Bifrost -> Lyr -> HE500  I like this setup for most applications but sometimes I need isolation. I was wondering if there are any high impedance low sensitivity IEMs around for me to use with the Lyr.    I own Westone4 and Shure SE535, but they are both too sensitive and there is a lot of noise floor when attached to Lyr.    please let me know
that was cool man
hey guys can I show up around 2 pm? I need a table for my setup though.
If you bring the HD800 Id appreciate it. 
I know that Adam from ships internationally and accepts paypal!
yes they responded to my Email and said 2 years of warranty except the cable, which is plenty.  friendly folk.  the gent told me they are still working on it and it should be out in May-June. 
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