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Hi folks,  Im selling a practically new JVC eaphone I purchased sealed from head-fi member "Pianist" yesterday. I listened to them for a little but but I am not very impressed, so I am selling mine.  please contact me if interested.   Regards Dan
Hi folks,  my desktop setup is Bifrost -> Lyr -> HE500  I like this setup for most applications but sometimes I need isolation. I was wondering if there are any high impedance low sensitivity IEMs around for me to use with the Lyr.    I own Westone4 and Shure SE535, but they are both too sensitive and there is a lot of noise floor when attached to Lyr.    please let me know
that was cool man
hey guys can I show up around 2 pm? I need a table for my setup though.
If you bring the HD800 Id appreciate it. 
I know that Adam from ships internationally and accepts paypal!
yes they responded to my Email and said 2 years of warranty except the cable, which is plenty.  friendly folk.  the gent told me they are still working on it and it should be out in May-June. 
like which ones?
I could not find any information about warranty on their website.
  well that is disappointing. 
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