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Longshot probably, but my cable died and I need a new one before 12/30 if possible. Anyone got one they want to part with locally? No place will ship one before then it seems (everyone is est jan 4th). thx!!!
they were cheaper at ecost and other locations last week. all of you sleek sellers need to lower your prices.
they dont accept the Sleekheadfi coupon code.
who are the other vendors?
dang not a lot of choices out there eh. thx for the suggestions!
Sorry if this has been beat to death, search string "interchangeable cable" and "removable cable" didn't come up with much, Other than the IE8, what other portables/IEMs allow for changing out cables? I have spent a lot of $$$ on earbuds, IEMS, and other portables over the years and they ALL eventually end with frayed/cut/broken wiring connections. I don't know how many perfectly fine drivers I have thrown out in the past because of some cabling failing that probably...
Well finally spent some time with the completed (for now) setup. I was never much for super high $$$ but try to edge out with bang-for-the-buck type components. I'm feeding the HD650s (bought used! budget-fi!) with a macbook (FLACs) optical out->DAC-AH->LD MKV. I considered my jump into the hd650s as perhaps something I might jump into my first tube amp with as well, but in the end I decided to keep it simple with a SS amp and I'm pretty happy with it. I may try a...
this headphone seems confused about who it is trying to appeal to really. Thx for the writeup Jude.
Quote: Originally Posted by olblueyez Cant use your receiver as a preamp? Maybe but i wanted to cut down on the # of signal paths. I had bought a set of cables from BJC hoping it would be fine but didnt think ahead. Didn't want to add more boxes and cables to the mix, but guess there's not much choice. Quote: Originally Posted by Bones13 have fun, and sorry for your wallet... Been sorry for many many years now...
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