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Need something to use at work for the slow times.I'll be using them with my Droid X if that matters.Price range up to $50 +/-. I am not a bass head,but I do like to know when it's there.I listen to rock,metal,soft,etc.All suggestions appreciated.Thanks
Still looking.
Hey guys, still looking,he really wants a pair that are already modded.
Pm sent to you.
Lexol user here also.
I remember listening to my ipod with some ear buds and thinking to myself,this sounds pretty good.I was wrong.
Ok,thanks for the update.
I agree.
Buddy likes my modded pair so much, he wants a pair.So,I told him I would see if anybody had a pair.He would prefer modded,but I believe he would take the stock ones if the price is right.Let me know.US only.Thanks
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