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 You know, we don't randomly buy gears rofl. We all do our research before buying. Edit: typed years instead of gears.
I gave up haha. I don't care anymore as long as it sounds decent.  
You guys still collectin' gears?
sup foos
There's quite a few celebs that has Yuri as their name... I am not sure if it's common. You gotta realize it's a name, so there's bound to be multiple celebs with same names. An example I can think of is John Lennon and John Legend.  rofl.
Sung Yuri is only Yuri I approve of. Screw these new-gen K-poop idols.     Gots to get up early tomorrow. Going to bed.
Yeah, he's fast.!rIdE2KZK!BchSKFy0_L98vuSd8kceryCsMaViEaxye5-BJ8bhaXY   Has some decent tracks. Some might find too much acoustic, but then again that's Kim Park Chella's style.
Nah, dw about it. sfw and I already go to another forum anyways. No big deal really. Not a huge fan of asian music thread. I'd rather chill here since y'all are pretty laid back peeps.
    Too lazy to post KHH. No point of even posting it when they don't appreciate it.
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