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60 bucks.... on noodle...!
Greatest ever.  
The one and only  
 You know, we don't randomly buy gears rofl. We all do our research before buying. Edit: typed years instead of gears.
I gave up haha. I don't care anymore as long as it sounds decent.  
You guys still collectin' gears?
sup foos
There's quite a few celebs that has Yuri as their name... I am not sure if it's common. You gotta realize it's a name, so there's bound to be multiple celebs with same names. An example I can think of is John Lennon and John Legend.  rofl.
Sung Yuri is only Yuri I approve of. Screw these new-gen K-poop idols.     Gots to get up early tomorrow. Going to bed.
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