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I have recently had to sell my HiFiMAN HE-6, and have no more use for all the pads that I bought to use with it.   I am currently away from home, but I'll take pictures of each set as soon as I can. The current picture is a stock photo of a Lawton pad.     Leather Lawton Audio Denon leather pads: $80 Sold JMoney Beyerdynamic pads: $60 Sold   Pleather Fostex TH-X00 pads: $60 Sold Beyerdynamic EDT-800 aviation pads: $70 Stock Denon Pads:...
Looking for single units of these tubes, preferably NOS/NIB, preferably with matched sections.   I'm willing to value them at a reasonable price and hopefully so are you. PM me and we can dicuss the price.
I have had to sell my beloved LCD-3 and HE-6, and so I don't have a use for these cables anymore.   They are in like-new condition. Let me know if you'd like detailed pictures.   Each cable retails for $300 + shipping. I'm asking for $225, including shipping in North America. I live next to the border and can ship with USPS, so U.S. residents don't have to pay taxes.
I will be using an unbalanced amplifier (Bottlehead Crack) for a while, and so I won't need this cable anymore.   Shipping is free in North America. I live next to the border and can ship with USPS from New York, so U.S. residents don't have to pay taxes.
Thanks for letting me know! I just placed an order 
Preferably unbuilt, preferably with Speedball.   PM me with what you have and we'll discuss a price.   I have an address in New York for easy shipping from the U.S.
The grills in the picture are not included.
I have recently purchased many music instruments and need to sell some of my audiophile gear to even it out.   I got these a couple of weeks ago from from a trade with another Head-fier. I received them in like-new condition and they still are. I have listened to them maybe 5 hours so far. I have removed the plastic sheet covering the metal cover of the headphone box.   All stock accessories are included, and for an extra I can also include aftermarket pads (JMoney,...
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