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I have just got my own pair and I highly recommend them if you have the HiFiMAN HE-6. They are my new favorite, tested against over a dozen other pairs.
If you cover the shipping fees and the PayPal address is registered, I'm willing to ship overseas.
I'm getting the LCD-3's and I still want to try these. If they do the amplifier section right (and it seems so), they could be a killer portable option. 
Pictures added - let me know if you'd like more.
 I don't think they will. The best option would be a third party, but then poof goes the warranty.
I'm definitely more interested in a cash sale, but I'll consider it for a DAP, IEM or amplifier.
I looked through my PM history. The first owner bought them "a few months" before February 23 2014 (when I bought them).
There is no warranty remaining. They are the most recent version with silver drivers.
Pictures added - let me know if you'd like some more or have any questions.
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