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Hi, I'm selling these two headphones:   1. Sony MDR MA900 - $120   -Great condition, but only comes with phones and adapter, no box.   2. Beyer DT880 Premium 600Ohm - SOLD   -Mint, but only comes with phones and case, no box.   Shipping on me, PP fees on you.   CONUS only.   Thanks for looking.
For sale is an excellent condition used AKG K712 that I bought used here a week ago. Realized what I really want is the HD650s back. So I'm letting these go. Comes with all accessories and box. No scratches/blemishes and in perfect working quality.    Price includes shipping but not PP fees.   Thanks for looking.
Not really interested.
Selling my pristine condition HE-500. I am the second owner, but these are cosmetically and functionally mint. Comes with all original accessories. Pleather pads are unused.   . Paypal gift or fees on buyers.   Thanks for looking.
For sale is a pristine Asgard used for only a few months. Comes with amp+standard US charger. Regular box included as well.   Paypal. Shipping included fees not.
Spoken like someone who's never tried CIEMs.  I joke, but seriously, there's a lot of advantages in terms of comfort and ergonomics when you get used to customs. Universals may be "universal", but many people have ears that don't work with certain shells, especially the weird shaped ones as you move up the price spectrum.
Tis true, but I still don't find soundstage a strength of the M100. 
I would think people from Headfonia would understand what a large soundstage is though.
I'm not a basshead, but it doesn't mean I'm not entitled to my own opinion. I also own a pair of XB500s, and while not as refined as the M100s, I feel like it represents better value. I enjoy the XB500s about as much as I enjoy the M100s with EDM (just about the only genre I like the M100s with). I also owned a pair of D2000s, very bassy and one which which I quite enjoyed. If the D2000's were an 8/10, the M100s would be about a 4/10. They aren't even in the same...
I don't know what I was expecting but these were really underwhelming (bad, even). I quite liked the M80s but these are definitely not for me. Everything I've read about this headphone puts the bass and soundstage at the top of what they do best. However, the bass is far too sloppy. It messes with the midrange and makes the whole headphone sound muddled. The soundstaging is okay for a closed phone, but they are kind of cheating, since it's not really closed. The M80s, to...
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