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It's all relative.   In a vacuum, yes it's very good. But compared to the W4, it's about the same, and I expected larger.
They were sold out within 2 hours.
      These are mine that just came in the mail yesterday. They fit just fine even though the right one is a bit tighter than the left. Probably won't send them in for a refit because they don't bother me.   First impressions:   Bass: These are not bass shy in the slightest. Bass impact is great, hits deep and rumbles. Feels tighter when amped, but sounds just fine out of my phone.   Mids: Smooth and inoffensive. Placement is just right, not too...
Just got mine in today. First impressions are great. Need to listen more...
I haven't heard the RE400, but if you don't have (or plan on getting) an amp, I suggest you stay away from the RE262. They're really good....amped. Without one, I'm not sure they're worth the pricetag. Just my opinion.
That's vague as well, as listening volume varies from person to person.   The point is, it's going to depend on how loud he listens to his music, but at the same volume as a closed portable of the same type...say the HD25s, the M-80s/100s will leak more.
They are semi open. They will leak depending on how loud you listen to your music.
For those that have their customs:   Did you receive an email when they sent them out?
I'm selling my W4R as I don't need it anymore (I've got a custom on the way). They were bought a month ago from someone here on head-fi, and were originally purchsed in January from earphonesolutions so they are still under warranty. The reason they are LNIB is because I sent them in for a manufacturer defect and they sent me back a brand new pair. I've only tested them to see if they are working. They will come with the box and all the accessories, including the new...
They have relatively poor isolation because they are semi-open.
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