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  I, too, am tempted to grab a pair of these.   I'm hoping the price point will be close to the DT770 pro 80.  Some manufacturers tend to jack up the price with the "limited editions".   What about trying these with the DT770 leather pads?  More breathable than the "pleather" - better isolation than the cloth pads if these were to be used with portable devices in noisy environments - could be a winning combination.   Cheers -
Got the Beyerdynamic DT770 VB pads yesterday!  The installation of the pads wasn't that difficult.  I noticed an immediate difference in the comfort.  The stock AKG velours are pretty comfortable, but with the Beyers, the opening for the ear is much larger.  My ears no longer touch the sides like they used to.  The Beyer pads are just a few millimeters taller, also.   I opted not to use the Beyer foam inserts.  I did not notice any sonic differences between the Beyer...
Anyone using the headphile cable on the Akg 240?
Thanks for the feedback on that.  I will try the EDT 770 VB vs. the softer pads.   Just curious if you can you speculate on the purpose of the perforations in these Beyer pads?  One would think that this would kill the bass in a closed headphone.   
I decided to change the title of this thread.   The AKG 240 MK II an outstanding headphone for the price.   I'd like to hear from anyone using Beyerdynamic (or other) pads on the AKG 240.  What are your impressions?   Has anyone tried DT880/DT990 pads vs the DT770 pads?  Do the DT990 pads kill the bass?  Do the DT770 pads kill the mids?   Post #8 on this thread shows some taped DT 770 pads (for use with an AKG...
Oh, I have.  It comes down to cost for me, as the LPS-1 seems really expensive - almost as much as I paid for the HDP.
Thanks for that response!    I posted this question as I want to use the Beyerdynamic velour pads on my AKG 240 MKII.    Currently, I'm using the stock AKG velour pads.  I like them,  but my ears touch the foam covering the drivers.  The Beyerdynamic pads are a bit deeper.  There are several threads about using Beyerdynamic Velour pads on the AKG 240 MK II, but most seem to be using the pads designed for the DT770.  It seems to be unanimous is that the...
I see there are two types of Beyerdynamic Black velours - one for the DT 770, ad one for the DT 990/DT880.   Since both of those cans have the same cup size, why on earth does Beyerdynamic offer two different black velour pads - two different part numbers?   Is construction of either pad really that different?  I know that some pads are perforated, and others aren't.  This affects the sound characteristics as well.   Are these just different part numbers for...
Actually, my dt770 did have the manufaktur leather pads.  I quite enjoyed them.   I don't see the DT770 leather available anywhere now.  Beyerdynamic only offers the aviation leather pads, which I'm told don't sound as good.  I have not tried the J$ pads.
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