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  I do the same with my foobar2k, and I dont have had problems with cover arts. shame I cant do the same with the lyrics.
    I've got one-words for you   'Re-Cable'
  >That'd be like deciding between red or yellow plums and then buying an avocado apple instead.   FTFM
Did I just saw a wesc that looks like a colorized PortaPro?
  as compensation to something?
      My new car key chain, Very useful little tool, it is the same large of a regular key when closed.
    holy ****, we can say bitch.
    see? this type of posts went better with the 'cup of rage' avatar.
  Man up and stop sobbing man!!   ages ago, I used to change mine every day, the reason I had that one for so long was because I was banned and totally forgot about this place
I'm in with the Anime month avatar, Lucy kick ass. (elfen lied)
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