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  I'm sure you could put one in the bathroom for those tube lit bathtub headphone parties... warm orange glow, Taylor Swift in your ear...
I was dying to get this baby, but my new years resolution is not to buy any single item over $100 :(     [[SPOILER]]
  Yeah, the overall shape is circular, but its a bit of a wonky circle as if it was hand drawn instead of a perfect circle done by a machine.
  Yah, the guy does not seem like the enthusiastic "meet people" type.
I put some cotton wool around the inside of the ear pads and the comfort is better.   I must say, the ear pads are pretty bad. All wonky, its not a perfect circle, or any logical shape that I can determine.
  As in 320, 192kbps? Yah, I even tried on podcasts. Next time it happens I might pop a CD in and see what happens.   Hmmm I wonder if its DAC related. I just got a new DAC (Fostex HPA8C). Ill try switching that off and on instead of the laptop next time.
I notice my iTunes plays the music too quick. It is too quick by 5 seconds every minute. When I restart my MacBook Pro this fixes the problem for a while.     Anyone else experience these issues?
No, thank you svyr :)
svyr, are you interested in inviting Yamaha? They have been very responsive to me through facebook when I was purchasing my PRO500s ( http://www.facebook.com/yamahaAVau ). Seems they are serious about headphones in Australia so maybe they would also be happy to attend?
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