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K, so ill be bringing my MacBook, Fostex HPA8C, Yamaha HPH PRO500s & possibly Denon D600s.   Looking forward to meeting you all.
I dont know what the hell is going on in this thread? :P
Ill give some initial impressions (mostly comparing them to the D600s).   When I first put them on I thought they were "congested", but I think they opened up a bit since and now I would describe the sound as more "forward" perhaps even a little "bright".   I can hear good articulation of sounds, esp between the mid range and lower treble.    They were also sounding a bit "carboard" like, kinda fake and "hollow". Hard to describe. But I think the sound has...
I noted my initial impressions and have been burning them in.   Yah I think the "toy-ness" has got to do with the colour (blue) when I look at them under different light where they are practically black they seem far more mature.
okay, here is my amateur opening video. There is no voice over sorry.   Keep in mind I had already opened this box and removed a lot of the packing materials (pieces of paper, plastic, foam etc).     One thing I dont like is the ribbon thin 3m long cable. It does not say "audiophile" to me. The Denon's also have 2 cables, one portable and one much thicker for home listening.   Overall, looks & comfort wise the Denons win. Both headphones have been...
Unfortunately that cherry has been popped... and Im not the great un-boxer that you are HiFiGuy! :P   Ill see what I can do with the resources I have.   I have the racing blue version.   I havent opened that many headphone boxes in the past. This was a bit ordinary. The headphones feel plasticky, the headband "cushion" is rubbery. When I opened the D600 box, I was thinking "luxury". These are more "lets roll", they are more toy like. The ear cushions and area inside the...
Santa just delivered these babies to me!
So how do they sound monkeybouylee?
They also seem to be available in Australia... except the place that sells them closes tomorrow 11am till 2nd Jan... so u wont see them before new years.   Also, I like these:      
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