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Posts by navii   I always pimp those babies.
  Thank you :)   I upgraded to 1.31. I wish it would remember which source I was listening to when I powered down.    Having spent a bit more time with it I am pretty impressed. There is texture in the music that I missed before with other gear. For the first time ever I am questioning if I need to "upgrade" my music instead of my equipment as its picking up such subtleties that I am worried the MP3 format has impacted on.   Anyways Im really enjoying it and think the...
Just got this baby. Am listening to it on my LCD2s. One track I used to hear clipping (using HD650s and other gear) in the voice of a female singer is now smoothed over which makes me happy not to hear this annoying imperfection as I did before.
Great condition. No visible marks (edit: there is a small one on top of the unit, second photo tries to show, its hard to spot). Will ship in original box.   More info about it here:   Selling because I am upgrading to an amp/dac combo.   Freight within Australia is $20 extra (Registered post). I will cover my own PayPal fees.   edit: people requested freight costs to: UK $82, to Portugal $82,...
Enjoy your purchase :)   To answer the original question, I went from HD650s to D600s because I wanted more bass in my trance / rap. Even now, owning LCD2s, I still like the D600s as they make trance more fun.
Hey Hey! I keep on promising to come to these meets but something always comes up!   But this time I'm in! I think you guys have my details from the last meet at Epping.   Anyways, my gear is always changing so I will know closer to the date what I will bring along, but it will def be my LCD2.2s, laptop, amp & dac of some sorts.
3 or so months old. Great condition. Let me know if you would like photos otherwise it looks pretty much the same as what is found online.   All the details can be found here:   I purchased it from Addicted to Audio.   Freight is extra, I will cover PayPal fees myself. Pickup in Carlingford Sydney is available.
Its been a month and a half. We need some more info Mr Woo!... pretty please :)
i think girls are hard to buy headphones for. first, girls are particular about style, second the headphones crumple the hair. girls are particular about those things.   i purchased a pair of headphones for an ex, she actually spotted them and pointed them out to me in the store... i only saw her wear them once.   girls are just too picky, buy some nice IEMs as they sound good and dont mess up a girl's style.
I'd go with these:   Reason? I see a few girls wear them around town so women in general must like the style.   I also have a pair and enjoy their sound. 
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