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Thread was heating up like the weather! Hehehe Any reply from Yamaha svyr?
Dude, in which country do the D600s have an internal amp and the D7100s are 16 oHms?
Can you go to a meet and try the LCD2s there?   I got rid of my HD650s as they did not have enough "bass satisfaction". I am also a bit concerned that there might be better, cheaper coices (say the Denon or Ultrasones) than LCD2s for bassy music.
thanks for the tip jimmy
  I'm sure you could put one in the bathroom for those tube lit bathtub headphone parties... warm orange glow, Taylor Swift in your ear...
I was dying to get this baby, but my new years resolution is not to buy any single item over $100 :(     [[SPOILER]]
  Yeah, the overall shape is circular, but its a bit of a wonky circle as if it was hand drawn instead of a perfect circle done by a machine.
  Yah, the guy does not seem like the enthusiastic "meet people" type.
I put some cotton wool around the inside of the ear pads and the comfort is better.   I must say, the ear pads are pretty bad. All wonky, its not a perfect circle, or any logical shape that I can determine.
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