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I was amazed by sandalaudio's headphone tree and his friendly nature to let everyone try them all out! :) Actually everybody was so welcoming and gave me advice and some of the conversations were over hy head.   Very impressive were the HD800s. I listened to a vocal track and the female voice was just "glowing". The T1 and Little Dot set up was magical too and a little hot hehe   One pleasant surprise were the Sony Tonka truck wheel headphones. I was expecting...
A new review from pcmag:,2817,2413643,00.asp
Thanks :) Yup got a store nearby, too bad they are closed tomorrow so I'd have to wait a week to try.   I am not too sure about the premium price though.
Awesome day today! Thanks to everyone who made it possible :)   Looking forward to the next time. Cant believe it took me 3 years to finally show up.
  In which shops Mr Bigsby?
No worries. Still good svyr.
I can. I'm in carlingford so it's nearby.
Thread was heating up like the weather! Hehehe Any reply from Yamaha svyr?
Dude, in which country do the D600s have an internal amp and the D7100s are 16 oHms?
Can you go to a meet and try the LCD2s there?   I got rid of my HD650s as they did not have enough "bass satisfaction". I am also a bit concerned that there might be better, cheaper coices (say the Denon or Ultrasones) than LCD2s for bassy music.
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