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I was dying to get this baby, but my new years resolution is not to buy any single item over $100 :(     [[SPOILER]]
  Yeah, the overall shape is circular, but its a bit of a wonky circle as if it was hand drawn instead of a perfect circle done by a machine.
  Yah, the guy does not seem like the enthusiastic "meet people" type.
I put some cotton wool around the inside of the ear pads and the comfort is better.   I must say, the ear pads are pretty bad. All wonky, its not a perfect circle, or any logical shape that I can determine.
  As in 320, 192kbps? Yah, I even tried on podcasts. Next time it happens I might pop a CD in and see what happens.   Hmmm I wonder if its DAC related. I just got a new DAC (Fostex HPA8C). Ill try switching that off and on instead of the laptop next time.
I notice my iTunes plays the music too quick. It is too quick by 5 seconds every minute. When I restart my MacBook Pro this fixes the problem for a while.     Anyone else experience these issues?
No, thank you svyr :)
svyr, are you interested in inviting Yamaha? They have been very responsive to me through facebook when I was purchasing my PRO500s ( ). Seems they are serious about headphones in Australia so maybe they would also be happy to attend?
for my Aussie friends. Dick Smith has 40% off most headphones.   Chance to pick up the UE6000 for $180
Hello and welcome :)   Best advice I can give you; take your wallet, turn around and run. Just kidding, sorry about your wallet.   You dont need to do anything fancy to "burn" the headphones in, just listen to music as you would normally do, over time they will naturally "burn in". If your ears / brain is perceptive enough you might notice a difference.   The D600s should work straight from your laptop / computer / stereo/surround receiver / ipod / iphone...
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