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why does everyone here have anime avatars?
I was amazed by sandalaudio's headphone tree and his friendly nature to let everyone try them all out! :) Actually everybody was so welcoming and gave me advice and some of the conversations were over hy head.   Very impressive were the HD800s. I listened to a vocal track and the female voice was just "glowing". The T1 and Little Dot set up was magical too and a little hot hehe   One pleasant surprise were the Sony Tonka truck wheel headphones. I was expecting...
A new review from pcmag:,2817,2413643,00.asp
Thanks :) Yup got a store nearby, too bad they are closed tomorrow so I'd have to wait a week to try.   I am not too sure about the premium price though.
Awesome day today! Thanks to everyone who made it possible :)   Looking forward to the next time. Cant believe it took me 3 years to finally show up.
  In which shops Mr Bigsby?
No worries. Still good svyr.
I can. I'm in carlingford so it's nearby.
Thread was heating up like the weather! Hehehe Any reply from Yamaha svyr?
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