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Any Aussies want to buy these babies I suggest using:   NOT:   Reason is that it is the same company, but different pricing... i got stung getting them from the second mentioned website :(
What does a $100 sound like?
I mentioned it before, but if ure having some comfort issues I suggest getting some cotton wool/balls and making long strips of cotton and stuffing the around the inside of the headphone. It makes more room within the can for your ear and might also decrease pressure at the top of your head.  
Could these become collectors items?
Why is it the same as this review?,2817,2413643,00.asp
A chinese review this time:
That's a shame Craig, I was looking forward to reading your impressions.
I might have to start a pro 500 review thread as I am forgetting which reviews I have posted.   Here is a new one (i think):,2817,2413643,00.asp
Audioholics review:  
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