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The Australian price will make the Canadians feel better no doubt.
possibly the 11,000 youtube followers :P
Denon D600s, like a warm fire on a cold winters night.
I misread the thread title, I thought it was:   Stick a fork in me, I'm done. Dr. Dre says "No more headphones"....:(   Shame dude, all the best.
We have a measurement from Tyl   Seems he dosen't like them much.
I use v-jays. They are very light, let sound in, not bother anyone else in our open plan studio and most importantly sound amazing... also cheap.
Another review by CNET for the 500s   They briefly mention the M100s and HE4s.         I think the Denons are much darker and slower with far more sub bass rumble. The Denons also sound smoother.    I guess the ultimate sign for me is that I wouldn't sell either the D600s or the PRO500s as I believe they offer something substantially different.   But I would like to hear the general...
I havent heard enough headphones to be able to determine how close the models are to each other in the world of headphones. But I would have to say that they dont sound close to each other in my perception. I guess they both produce music.  
Any Aussies want to buy these babies I suggest using:   NOT:   Reason is that it is the same company, but different pricing... i got stung getting them from the second mentioned website :(
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