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If any Aussies are interested I am selling a brand new pair in the classifieds (check the link in my signature).
How do the M500s compare to Yamaha PRO 500s?
Thanks Roma :) We'll see how it goes.  
Brand new, shrink still on the box. These were sent to me from Yamaha Australia as a replacement for my previous pair. I would be interested in a trade for mint / like new condition AKG K267.   They have been getting great reviews and positive opinions on these forums -
Thats torture :P
More unboxing goodness... whats with all that hand jewellery though!  
I am wanting to trade (Australia only) for a like new / mint condition AKG K267 Tiesto or to sell (anywhere in the world).    The headphones are on the way to me from Yamaha Australia, they are a replacement headphone after the original pair needed repair. As such they are brand new in box. I should have them this week.   Once I receive them I will update with pictures and what colour they are, and any other information.   Paypal fees will be covered by me,...
The Australian price will make the Canadians feel better no doubt.
possibly the 11,000 youtube followers :P
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