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Yup, I said that in the other thread, I love these out of my Fostex HPA8c. I try not to use anything else except that.  
To contribute to the M500 sound debate. I usually try to stay out of these debates as I don't think my ears can appreciate headphones as well as some of the other users here as such I don't want to give an incorrect assessment.   I agree with a previous comment posted here that they sound "brittle", I can see where the "horn" comment came from. That was my initial impression when I put them on. I believe that this quality helps them sound so "airy"... with use the...
I really want to replace the cable with a longer one, does anybody know what sort of cable would work? (I want to stay away from getting an extension cable though)
Maybe PM the OP.
you guys with comfort issues are not wearing them correctly:  
another review:
Yah, they also fall off my head if I bend over too. But I dont have any issues with the bass.
Girl at my work liked my new KEF M500s    
another review -   check out "the science" section for some graphs.
I wish they came with a longer "audiophile" cord, both are the same "portable" lengths.   Also the other day the wind was blowing quite hard and I thought they might slip off my head!   I'm enjoying them though. They look really good on my head and off my head. They are just beautiful.
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