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I found the culprit... clipping in he wave file of the song:     Real shame because the track is beautiful (BT - A Million Stars).
I was taking bored so I took some pics of my WA6.
How did you buy it? The official website makes you choose a plug type before allowing you to pre-order.
thanks for the review. came just in time for something to read on new years day!
Perhaps if the side facing the drivers was lined with a layer of metal the sound qualities would be closer to the original?   They look great by the way!
lol, this is not a live chat :)  
I'm noticing similar. It sounds like clipping, but it does not matter what volume / source I use (file is 320kbps mp3, or even the original CD).   I'm of the opinion that good headphones pick up the distortion present, while the cheap ones do not have the resolution to play what is there... well I hope so, as otherwise my gear is stuffed.   edit: i dont notice this on every song, just some select ones.
I like the look and comfort of AKG.   I like that AT is a Japanese company, and their headphones also look nice (haven't tried the comfort).   I like the performance of Sennheiser.
They might charge duty / gst when you get back down under too. Unless its some exotic japanese headphone / or you cant wait I say get it when you come back.    
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