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i was actually thinking of buying a black and a white headphone and swapping the cups around. this way i would have a white band with black headphones and a black band with white headphones (as in the image above).
try jb-hifi in world square, they have their headphones on demo... not that they sell any really good stuff.    
Panasonic RP-HTX7 -   I just got them and have no problems listening to them after listening to my HD650s and K701s.
does anyone else have any other ideas?
thanks, i found that much. but besides that store, there is nothing else online... its quite weird.
  thanks for any info.
not all the sellers do. usually under the price it says how many "new" units there are. click on that and you will see all the sellers, with the lowest price being up top, you can then see under the seller's name if they have "international" shipping rates. but even then they might not ship. i usually put a few sets of items form different sellers in my cart, then during check out when you specify the delivery address it will say which ones cannot be shipped... finally,...
good to see the max output powah for the wa6.
its because they have different impedance. the hd650s sound louder, the 701s quieter at the same volume.   i dont know if a cable will make a difference.
ah yes, we can definately get sidetracked talking about high pitched girly female vocals! thanks for the links.   here is a final one from me:   I'm looking at Within Temptation right now, thanks for the introduction RPGWiZ.
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