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What worries me most is not being able to hear an emergency vehicle sirens and crashing into them.
Anyone know these?     this is the only place i can find them at and they do not say who the manufacturer is:
then you can scrap a bunch of the suggested headphones of your list. freight to australia will cost you as much the headphones, and $30 headphones in the US are twice the price here.   i havent heard these personally, but they migth be work a purchase:   here is a...
I just got the panasonics and been listening to a lot of trance. They are awesome. Even next to my K701s and HD650s I am impressed wit the panas.   Also, consider:
i was actually thinking of buying a black and a white headphone and swapping the cups around. this way i would have a white band with black headphones and a black band with white headphones (as in the image above).
try jb-hifi in world square, they have their headphones on demo... not that they sell any really good stuff.    
Panasonic RP-HTX7 -   I just got them and have no problems listening to them after listening to my HD650s and K701s.
does anyone else have any other ideas?
thanks, i found that much. but besides that store, there is nothing else online... its quite weird.
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