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Yah, it feels like you gonna break it. Grab the foam at the widest end with your thumb, index and middle fingers and SLOWLY twist it while trying to pull it off. Dont try to pull it at an angle, just pull as straight as possible, the nozzle is quite long (you will find out when you get it off).   Its one of those leap of faith things, do it right and it will be all good.    
In the span of 7 days you tried 7 headphones and are getting frustrated that you do not like how each of them sounded.   May I suggest you spend at least a week of solid listening to 1 headphone before making judgements.
Im listening to trance on the SE215, I find they lack treble for some of the higher frequencies in trance (cymbals and other sparkly sounds). I miss the treble as it really makes certain tracks shine.   The bass on these things on the other hand feels incredible, full, strong and has great presence.    So far the most enjoyable music on these has been progressive house, which is similar to minimalist techno as the tracks are clear. Listening to John Digweed's...
Would anyone be able to tell me how the treble compares to the Shure SE215? I find them a bit dull so before I splash out on the M5s I want to make sure they have more treble.
This is the only review I found that i semi trust - http://www.headfonia.com/atomic-floyd-twistjax/   I dont know which model sounds best, im thinking perhaps they are all the same except for the housings?   Im tempted to get them just because nobody else here seems to have them.
Yah, I think you're right, I might have to invest in a GR07. Its expensive, but trying different equipment certainly helps you understand what sound you like and dislike.    
Thats good to hear, because so far I am not liking the trebble on these. They sound dull.    
What worries me most is not being able to hear an emergency vehicle sirens and crashing into them.
Anyone know these?     this is the only place i can find them at and they do not say who the manufacturer is: http://www.classic-hifi.net/product.php?id=738
then you can scrap a bunch of the suggested headphones of your list. freight to australia will cost you as much the headphones, and $30 headphones in the US are twice the price here.   i havent heard these personally, but they migth be work a purchase:   http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Superlux-Retro-Vintage-Style-Stereo-Fashion-Headphones-/400202990382?pt=UK_Girls_Accessories&var=&hash=item9bff8b9d94#ht_2170wt_907   here is a...
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