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lets enjoy I got mine last week and am really loving the sound. They look very stylish too, sort of video game techy.  Here are some reviews:Quote from from from 
 I get what you mean, but hopefully because it is Steve, the fluffed up mainstream cnet article actually has some basis to it.   "NAD's Viso HP50 quickly established itself as the $300 audiophile headphone to beat, and it didn't take long for the MH40 to prove itself a worthy adversary. The HP50 sounded a little richer on vocals and made more bass, the MH40 was more transparent and spacious. Really deep bass coursing through the "Gravity" soundtrack was taut and precise on the MH40. Both headphones have...
 Have you tried plugging the cable into the other side of the headphones? I had the same problem, it worked when plugged into one ear but not the other so I exchanged them.
I find the sound wonderful and equal regardless if I am using my Fostex amp/dac or my iPhone 4S. These must have been tuned really well.
Im interested if these things are worth the money sound wise. They look beautiful. I especially like the M30s.  
Last year was fun with good people and pizza, i'll join try to join in again this year. But I can't 100% confirm as I have a friend form Japan going back on that day.   I'll bring along my LCD2.2s, KEF M500s and FOSTEX HP-A8 DAC/AMP.
I'm of the opinion that a few people have an opinion that the D600s look ugly, however in general people like the sound -   If you love bass, get the D600s. If you want a headphone that other people think sounds good, the PRO500s have been more popular here in that regard from my reading of the various threads about them.
Way to go. Now the pads are as big as the headband! Hehe Looking forward to your thread.
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