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Just listening to these as my gf got herself a pair and was complaining that they sound "out there", by which I think she means they have a good soundstage, separation and polite sound. I think she prefers a much warmer sound that also sits her much closer to the stage. Prior to these she has been listening to fake beats mixr headphones. So far she has been disappointed. I told her to let herself adjust to this "audiophile" sound.   I'm by no means an expert in...
my girlfriend got these for me for xmas, Im really overjoyed with them as I loved how they looked since their release but I couldn't bring myself to buy another pair of headphones. They sound polite and refined.. I guess some call this balanced, the bass switch is very subtle, but I can tell the difference and prefer the bassiest setting.   If they don't break I will be very happy.
hmmmm I really don't like this 'euro-moda' style at all... i do appreciate them trying though
Sorry that this has to be the first reply, butI wouldn't buy KEF again after what happened to my M500s, first one of the hinges came undone due to the screws being loose, then the pleather on both earpads split to reveal the foam inside. I'm really disappointed in the quality.   The earpads on the M400s look the same so I would be worried that the same fate would meet them.   Besides that I really loved my M500s until the started falling apart.
Has anyone tried to re-cable these? I looked up the DT1350 recabling process and I get stuck trying to pop these open to get to the driver after I remove the sticky earpads. These are hard / impossible to open so I wonder if anyone has got there?   I'm not at all impressed with the build quality of these, the hinge was broken pretty much from the beginning then 1 month after the warranty runs out the left driver stops working... contacting the Australian distributor...
subpac S2? sounds like a gimmick, the oppo pm-3 seems like a winner worth sinking money into, and you wont need an amp, except its neutral sounding so it wont emphasise the bass. (maybe you can EQ the sound)   I also wonder what sort of noise the subpac s2 produces that your roommate might hear.   I personally enjoy the beyerdynamic t51p when listening to Chris Liebing's AM/FM podcasts.   What made you choose the oppo pm-3?
 I'm in japan and saw the MM300 on display for listening but the cable was disconnected so I couldn't listen. The MM400 have had their release dated pushed back till mid Jan.
don't tell us more.
 Also the MH30s. Perhaps they have heaps of back orders so they have them out of stock on the website.
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