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Lost in the music bro, lost in the music.
Well it is... for the competition. My personal record is a 16 hour run. It was in my ear for the entire time with a 15 minute brake from sound every 5 hours (not safe for the ears I know) but that's just me.
It's the ASG-1's sound, it's infectious I swear! You listen for it for too long and it will slowly grow on you and corrupt your mind 
The point of a custom is to make it yours, ain't it? By the way, I would leave some suggestions on this thread but on one post. I could use some new test music.   As for my impressions and ASG-1, they arrived 4 days ago :D 
I'm seriously thinking AS-2b "Headphones for Dummies" edition  The red, orange & yellow could probably look pretty sick on a custom.
Hmm so you saw that exact pair before he even got it...nice!
  To be honest, I think that's far more then enough. Titanium isn't really necessary 
Naw, don't think the colour scheme for Head-fi would fit too well, but aesthetic options are a must that should arrive sometime in the near future. 
By the way Kenman, just noticed the words "polished the shell" do you mind taking a picture of the other side of the AS-2b? I would love to see how they look after a nice polishing.
I put on how I do it on my semi-review
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