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After such a long wait it will just be like being kicked when your down
That would've been brutal to have them right there but you can't use them
Just over a month...I don't think my patience will last
By the way kenman, how long did it take your AS-1b to be made and begin shipping back to you? I want to see how long it should take as things are right now.
I didn't think they were the type of company to send out review samples. Guess I was wrong.
most of the activity was on the 'tour of the Aurisonics lab' thread
Wait are they out? Oh well. I don't really care that much about stuff that isn't worth it.
I did it anyways but it's your choice in the end. Though a few impressions of the AS-1b vs ASG-1 wouldn't hurt
Your wish is my command... Wouldn't that be grand if time agreed too
It hasn't been a day and I'm already missing mine, the exact opposite of what I thought would happen when I first got them. I'm sure we're all excited for the prototypes ;)
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