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Only time will tell my friends :D
I can pretty much guarantee in 3-10 years Aurisonics will rival companies like Sennheiser or AKG in success and size
Kinda makes me want to do an internship at Aurisonics :D
"Work" is not the correct word to use when you enjoy doing it my friend :D
OH NO! That usually hints either pro or variant (unless it stands for ASG-2 prototype a, b or c). Someone get the defibrillator my wallet's gonna need it.
The Head-Fi post is gonna compile all three reviews and comparisons (mostly going to be between the ASG-1.2 and the AS-1.2b but may include the ASG-1.1 depending on my memory) into one thread :D
I guess it's a good time for me to catch up on the review I need to finish off (Sennheiser HD449) and then it's mega review time (AS-1.2b ASG-2) :D
Going by what I read, I am suspecting you listened to the prototypes of the highly anticipated ASG-2. I also suspect your response to this quote will be something along the lines of "maybe..."
I would be happy if I get my AS-1b and ASG-1.2 any time within 3 weeks of tomorrow. But realistically I know I'm not going to get it back until at least 5 weeks has passed looking at the speed things are going right now.
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