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Well, when I get em, I'll review em (I wonder how long it takes to ship from Germany to Canada?). Either way, once I get them, they're going  to do first impressions within the first 24 hours and a full review within a month
i wonder was this free of charge or did you have to pay for the markups...  
Ohh just saying what you said may have stir up a hornets nest of Bose bashers...   It looks like that time of the month again for the monthly "Bose is WAY overpriced" speech.
I liked the Triple Fi 10 as well as the Sennheiser IE 8's (both for less then 150 due to discounts), but the TF10 is gone cuz it broke so IE8's are all that remain
sorry i think i may have gone a little overboard but impressions was what was discussed on this thread for bout the past 15 or so pages after maniaca put his up
I'm not even going to answer that, READ THE THREAD!  
Good idea, I'll do that after i finish all the testing i still have to do on these headphones, this is just an overview and first impressions on the headphones
haha i find it odd that the gun world be so similar to the headphone world in this way
0_0 I need to try it one of these days     well comfort isn't one of Grado's strong points, I remember referring to Grado's as the "AK47" of the headphone world, it's stripped down, it performs well, reliable and it works. I can't say that it's comfortable using something like this but like the AK, it can still outperform most assault rifles in it's class :P. Honestly it was the only analogy I could think of.  
comfort is probably one of the most opinion based things when it comes to Grado 'phones but lets face it, no matter what, it cannot compete with the comfort of other brands and it is nearly impossible to keep on for more then 2 hours
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