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By the way, anyone have the ASG-1.2?
      As of now I've only seen a handful of people with it and no reviews. I still need to send my impressions in. I'm going to do it along with the with my ASG-1 so they can be updated. So stay tuned!
    AND LET IT BE WRITTEN    But really, this was something that needed to be done especially because Aurisonics is generating so much interest. Besides, I'm sure one of you would have done this even if I haven't.
OK our last thread got locked so before anything happens I want to get a few things straight:Don't bash Aurisonics based the impressions you read.  Aurisonics IEM's were not specifically designed with audiophiles in mind, musicians (specifically vocalists) were the target. SO DON'T COMPLAIN BEFORE YOU LISTEN! It is not fair to the manufacture and it can be particularly misleading. Don't comment on the sound if you haven't listened to any of the AS series whether positive...
    Thank you for restating what I was trying to say
    Keep in mind you we're not the original target audience of the product. If it wasn't designed for you obviously you will find some flaws. If the product is being revised to help fit the tastes of a secondary market (audiophiles) then you should appreciate how quick it has taken Dale to acknowledge, redesign and release the new revision.
Fixed. Almost forgot about them, but I don't think Dale mentioned it on the post way back then  
  This is one of the few songs I really enjoy on the ASG-1's without EQ
  Haha lol I still need to send in my impressions. But I'm in no rush
I made this post on my blog as a means to track all Aurisonics announcements:   Dale asked me to post this on the Aurisonics FB page so I thought I might post it here as well
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