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I'm surprised too! I mean unless something screwed up in my iPhone somewhere in the half a week between my last listen to the IE7's and the IE8's, either my ears are messed up or my IE8's need some serious burn in or have a serious defect     Now I haven't gotten too far in physics but I understand just about what I need out of your two posts, the only thing that needs to be figured out now is if there is a problem with my ears or my IE8's or if I need to burn them in...
  Nope I've been using the same iPhone running the same 320kbs and lossless files, it's the headphones for sure     I'm not really generalizing it by price but low end headphones are the ones i hear it out of the most but I'm finding that the distortion in my new ie8's causes most sounds to sound unnatural, especially when compared to my fully burned in IE7's, I found the acoustics most unnatural in the acoustic version of the song face down where the intro acoustics just...
So I've been listening to my low end headphones when my IE7's (now ie8's replaced by sennheiser) and I noticed all 200 sub headphones I heard had a degree of sound distortion the same with my IE8's (bout 10 hours of burn in on them now) and they sound utterly like crap and really distorted (especially acoustic wise). So I almost know this will go away with burn in but can anyone back me up and has anyone else had a similar experience as me? Thanks everyone!
well it's sort of hard to see referring to the amount of head-fi reviews there are on the amount of IE7 reviews vs the amount of IE6 reviews
i actually disagree, the IE7 has more then enough bass  
yup just about, now i just wish i replaced my ie7 when the ie80s are out
I am getting a pair of IE 8's from Sennheiser's service, I think I'll contact my Sennheiser rep to see if he could put that on hold and get me one of those :P   I hope they don't discontinue the IE 8 like they did with the IE6 and IE7, btw where is the IE70?
YESH! what's with everyone think that the 5x8's are a repackage of the 5x5's!
The moderate volume was a bit of a surprise for me as most sound cards (even integrated) should be able to handle the 558's.   The difference you heard in bass would be due to the difference in frequency response, the 558 and the M40fs both have a relatively balanced frequency response. The clicks from the PC146 should be due to the combination of lack of response from lower tones and your trying to force those tones out of the headphones either due to a bass boost...
LOL thanks!
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