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sounds a bit like dogear's problem
Um I'm pretty sure that's a given
According to Dale, the AS-1 series may always need a treble boost.
Your sacrifice will not be in vain...I hope...
Therefore good things (or rather "better" things) come to those who wait ;)
I think they are more then universal enough... I think I may be one of the few who prefer the ASG > Audeo in fit
the rumble of the sub bass was what made me happy
Lost in the music bro, lost in the music.
Well it is... for the competition. My personal record is a 16 hour run. It was in my ear for the entire time with a 15 minute brake from sound every 5 hours (not safe for the ears I know) but that's just me.
It's the ASG-1's sound, it's infectious I swear! You listen for it for too long and it will slowly grow on you and corrupt your mind 
New Posts  All Forums: