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I hear Cantonese all the time in my house. I do wish I under mandarin more though.
There are a few things I'm eying but that's about as much as I'll delve into it.
It's interesting how they each got their own minions though. Never thought rule of zombies would be applied to humans. That one line Inaho said quite literally made S2 Inaho==S1 Slain.
Slain/Inaho role swap confirmed this episode.
[[SPOILER]] Series was great and touching and that's about all I can say but at this point I guess it's predictable if you've been following the series weekly via anime. Good 9/10.
I want to get the 1+1 for my dad's birthday, getting an invite might be a problem though.
Makes sense, but considering I don't use touchpads much no wonder I didn't notice. Clang is my go to compiler debugging is much simpler then GCC imo.
Am I the only one who does all 3 big OS on one system? Maybe I'm just a weirdo but my Unix class kinda pushed me to get used to Unix/Linux more. Probably going to kill Linux though space is getting scarce.I'm not a fan of 8. Touch and mouse are two different beasts you can't just merge them and hope for the best. Metro sucks for mouse use I NEVER use it, but then again it may be because I don't know how. I only use the 7 elements in 8 so I think I'll welcome 10 more then...
I like finder>explorer too, not enough to gimp myself to Mac's enclosed environment though. I do like the multiple workspaces SOOO much on Mac though.Being based on Unix you have some ability to play around with Linux formats and Bootcamp drivers let you work with both Mac and Windows drive formats.
I only appreciate mac as the holy grail of compatibility, 'sides that I main bootcamp. Have a problem with that Apple fanboys? Imma rebel XD.
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