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For all those who haven't seen yet, Aurisonics is teasing a new product of Facebook!
So Valverave ending...I donno honestly I didn't think it was too lacking but it was barely satisfactory but then again Valverave has been losing my interest ever since the 7th-ish episode of season 1.
It's a bit of an illogical development in the story if you ask me especially after all that's happened.
Unbreakable Machine Doll was in my top 3. Pretty sure I said this already but my favourite anime of every season pretty much all come from light novels.
Whoops I fell behind again, ah well. Winter season looks interesting though it seems like all of the anime I'll be interested in will be rather short. I'm praying that Mahou Sensou has 24 episodes. Welp here comes the general 2-3 year wait for S2 of Machine Doll though even then I'm being optimistic. 
Open ended ending, expected but far from satisfied. Time to wait another 2-3 years for a possible season 2 I guess. Now I need another wednesday anime.
Sad truth is translations are generally way too slow for light novels. Real pity when they're generally the ones with the best stories.
Aww hell Noucome's last episode is next week. I really hate light novel anime sometimes they end way too soon and there's almost always no closure. 
I have a feeling I'll be rereading Golden Time a bit like Toradora since they have so many similarities (no surprise considering they're both from the same author).
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