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Enlighten me when you figure it out... 
Black cable sets have been coming out for a while now iirc.
Pretty sure that's how much of your batteries running the app is killing. The more resource intensive the app the more energy it'll make your computer consume.
Missing? I have no idea what you're talking about. It's not like these sound amazing or can they withstand any abuse you throw at them. No worries you're missing nothing... On a serious note though, has anyone managed to invoke cable memory for more then a minute on the cable? I've done everything I can and I'm close to calling it impossible unless someone else has any ideas.
Two words: student budget...
K iPhone announcement=time to upgrade from my 3GS and Apple Watch? I'd be interested if it wasn't so expensive. I'm so glad I got the music I needed from Nyaa before it went down again.
Proprietary driver designed by Dale+secret sauce. Lots of secret sauce.
Well then I am an outlier.
Who says I use Nyaa to watch anime?
Nyaa is down again... welp this sucks.
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