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Fair enough I agree I was nitpicking a bit for the cons but the fragile filters really piss me off. Apparently Audéo says the costs come from the mic and remote. Does that justify the cost? I don't know but it's a huge difference in cost.
Does Custom Cable's replacement cable have that notch for locking in the cable?
I was referring to bass not sub bass and I found the treble to be rather detailed and enjoyable. I bet you're using them with mainstream genres like hip hop, rock, pop etc. That would explain everything since these are targeted towards an older audience who listen to genres that don't rely on sub bass such as classical, country or classic rock. If you want to send me the K167 to try go ahead make my day.
Flashy? Naw I haven't had any problems regarding that at all. A little attention here and there but it's not the most noticeable thing I mean gold is way more flashy.    Most of the time I find eyes drawn to them after I set them down.
Ok I'm going to dissect the price with what I know, is it still overpriced afterwards you tell me. Anyways I mentioned an SLA machine is used to make the shells before, this has been confirmed by Dale. I may be wrong but I don't think coloured SLA resin exists right now so coloured shells are not going to be possible unless it's painted on. For the Stealth each layer is painted on and multiple layers are used. The cost is more for the work and the material applied....
I think Dale uses an SLA machine. If I'm right, the resin he uses should cost quite a lot.
 Having cerebral palsy affecting both legs and one arm, audio has always been a great way to enjoy myself as I did my stretches and exercises to slow down the regression of my disability. Everything I have in my audio hobby came out of my own pocket as the costs of assistive devices have always been a burden to my parents. Perfect example would be the operation I had a few years back to help improve my muscle tone was funded by stuff my mom had in her safe deposit box....
Might I remind everyone that Aurisonics is just under 1.5 years old. This stuff takes time to set up. Anyways we might be seeing some stuff real soon.
My brothers aren't one of them. Premature twins, smallest in the class about 44lbs.
They fit my 12 year old brothers fine. 
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