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Nice! Btw what's your setup for the HD800's? Quite honestly I don't want to dick through the thread if I don't have to. This one moves WAAAY too quickly.
Rockets are more or less the same way, the deeper the tip goes the better the bass extension but you do trade a bit of treble, or at least that's how it sounds to my ears.
Get a mouse with better scrolling? The MX Revolution's smart shift has spoiled me I REALLY wish other mouse had that feature.
Burn in felt like it existed as a mental thing. Well either that or it was just the exhaustion messing with my hearing.What would you do if I told you they're there but you just don't see them...
 I'm seriously praying that isn't the case but that seems less and less likely as time passes.
GHAH Nyaa is still down...
They're being remade and will be shipped later because the cable diameter was larger then originally planned if memory serves.
Just red/blue.
I love the cable too. I've been literally abusing the cable by wrapping the cable around my phone or my hand when I'm putting my phone in my pocket, something I'd usually avoid doing to avoid cable memory, but no matter what I do the cable just straightens itself out after sitting for a few seconds.
There is no way you'll damage the cable by pulling on it. It is quite literally impossible for the cable joint to give in under normal use, there's just too much there to keep it in place.
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