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So far mheh. Think I read a bit of the manga ages ago (maybe like 3 chapters). Signs point to it being another harem, aka nothing special.
Hmm TG Root A ep 4: Fight scenes are rather slow don't you think? Welp at least they aren't censored. I'm liking how they're going into the Arata's background though and...  [[SPOILER]] Most of the story's more or less the same as the manga so I'm not expecting them to drop the major bombshells until a few more episodes go by. Having voices might help some people figure some of them out though.
Ya I think we have too now that I think about it. My brain's kinda in the middle of a memory dump after a long day of classes. So far the Tharsis has the coolest ability imo. I'm really interested to see how OP it gets. I doubt we've seen its full potential yet.
So you're telling me I ain't alone when I say Slain is obviously the more interesting MC...I've always thought if I posted something like that somewhere I'd get mauled by those Inaho fanatics.
 I love my reds. I'm not particularly heavy handed but I hit keys hard enough to go past the tactile bump, annoying click aside, they just feel gunky and they just don't feel right to me. Lucky. I'm spending a lot of brainpower processing my databases teacher so I'm wasting a lot of extra time to absorb information right now. It sucks. At least my C++ teacher is good. It's my ray of hope so far.
I'm glad I didn't buy a blue or a brown. The clackity clack would most definitely annoy me over time and trigger my ADHD in bad ways.I'm just glad I got a good programming teacher this time around. My teacher for last semester was bad. Luckily I knew the stuff so I survived. I got that teacher again for web design, W3School ftw I guess.When that happens I just nap/drift on forums.
I think it mainly affects people with crazy high resolutions but you got to admit it still stings because it's still false advertising no matter what the reason.
I feel dang trolled. Only good that can come from this is me opicking up a cheap 970 to sli. Doubt that'll hap though.
Wow that GTX970 Vram issue...FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK! I DEMAND COMPENSATION! I didn't pay for 3.5GB and the occasional 0.5GB I payed for 4GB of usable ram...
Crap! I spy dead pixel... welp I'll get that dealt with as I get another one of my screens.
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