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I can't shake the feeling they nerfed the Kraken into the ground in Evolve. Lightning Strike doesn't massacre the hunters anymore and medics rezzing downed teammates are annoying as hell. Does a mighty fine job of making me feel like I suck though.
Boy what a lame but hilarious way to die in Death Parade ep 6.
5K is overkill imo. Boy my brain is dead today has been soo unproductive. Not going to catch up with the thread catching up with anime comes first.
That's a pretty hilarious money grab. Very bull and rage inducing but kinda hilarious.Shhh...I'm tryin to feign ignorance right now.
Wait wtf? What if  you don't have your own DS charger? That's pretty bull. I'd need to dig lots to find mine.
Two hours of sleep after a 5 hour programming binge. I'm honestly running on coffee at this point. I REALLY don't want to do troubleshooting but I need to *sigh*.
Time for an upgrade I see.
I hear Cantonese all the time in my house. I do wish I under mandarin more though.
There are a few things I'm eying but that's about as much as I'll delve into it.
It's interesting how they each got their own minions though. Never thought rule of zombies would be applied to humans. That one line Inaho said quite literally made S2 Inaho==S1 Slain.
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