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OMFG YES! That's the best kind! How the times change.
I've heard of all. Do I get a prize?
 Recent Sunrise anime seem to be like this as well: Gundam Age, Cross Ange and I'm suspecting G no Reconguista.
They only have tutorial videos for everything besides Goliath and Makarov.  Lazarus is probably my favorite medic so far Val being the least. He's the most aggressive of the three as his sniper rifle is semi auto and it punches holes in the monster's armor which is hilarious when you stack it with an assault, even more so with Cabot's damage amp. Laz can more or less instantly revive teammates with no HP penalty so unless you down him the other hunters will keep coming...
  Ya the single player is sick. I am completely serious that I got to level 19 by playing against bots and I started playing against real players today and they're much easier since they don't cooperate nearly as well right now. The AI will demolish you for making a mistake when you play as either monster or hunter, of course there's the occasional bug where the monster doesn't move or the hunter AI does something completely dumb but so far the overall impression I'm...
A/Z S2 ep6: the mandatory ALL HAIL SLAIN!!!! And things are going to get dang interesting next week.
Ya I bought it. I like the game it's a lot of fun, I also figured out atm the humans suck more then the AI. The AI are sooo dang troll.
I can't shake the feeling they nerfed the Kraken into the ground in Evolve. Lightning Strike doesn't massacre the hunters anymore and medics rezzing downed teammates are annoying as hell. Does a mighty fine job of making me feel like I suck though.
Boy what a lame but hilarious way to die in Death Parade ep 6.
5K is overkill imo. Boy my brain is dead today has been soo unproductive. Not going to catch up with the thread catching up with anime comes first.
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