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 Pretty sure I mentioned only the stock option will be available back several pages ago, but ya only water honed titanium with white cables at launch.
Ok Geek firmware just came out! I can lift my ban on the volume buttons on my computer again.
OOPS... guess it ain't exactly out yet. Getting way ahead of myself. Brain fart right there.
They announced that a couple months ago. You didn't get the memo?
ITS OUT! Can someone dumb down the changes for me though? I got lost after "disable volume buttons". I kinda killed my brain at 2am in the morning bug fixing my code and 4 hours later I only have enough processing power to write test/quiz info to my brain... I feel like a zombie... anyways a summary would be really appreciated.
OMFG I need to restock my stash!
I heard one when I was there for about 2 minutes the day I left Nashville so nowhere near enough to generate an opinion. It's one dynamic (14.2mm) and one tweeter (so BA). 
Oh it went up huh? I was wondering when they were going to let it out into the wild.
Welp a lot happened in Aldnoah...2015...waiting game we meet again...
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