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I've been using Mediahuman Audio Converter since I can't get used to XLD's lack of UI.
Shinsekai Yori was one of those anime I was glad I motored through. I just took everything at face value though since my ADHD didn't really let me ponder on the other details and metaphors before I got derailed. I really love how Shinsekai showed humanity's impact on the world as it really expresses how we're completely ignorant to how we directly impact the world as we live out our lives. As for the meerkat/human situation in it could be interpreted in so many ways I...
Shinsekai was really slow and really took time to gain momentum I almost dropped it several times.
Interesting impressions Shane. By the way I'm giving the list on the first post of the thread a bit of an update to make things a bit more compact and organized. 
I agree with you for Psycho Pass, I liked Shinsekai Yori but I wouldn't say it was one of the best to come out in the past several years but I can't even name my top anime this year in order so it may be, especially for 2013.
When I read that I think of these 3 scenes:  Remember how Hercules did?If you ask me the ability to take anything and everything and use it as your own weapon is rather OP.
Oh hey it may just be me but did anyone else notice the Shroud of Martin on Emiya's arm in the PV? I swear if they seriously animate all 3 storylines I'd be SO happy.
His 9 lives are epic and all but Lancelot still takes my vote. Just look at Archer Unlimited Blade Works still makes him my all time favourite in the Fate series even if he isn't the strongest. I'm still waiting for them to make a story for Archer's past. UBW does kinda cover it a little but it'd make a real epic standalone story.
Whoops. I forgot they didn't reveal his identity right away been a while since I last watched it. Kaleid is a spin off so no relation to Night stay or Zero.
Well Lancelot as Berserker won me over. Taking over a jet, using gatling guns, dual AKs like Hercules was cool and all but Lancelot won me over. 
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