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I play it! Awesome but games take too darn long so it's bad for on the go imo but terribly amazing otherwise. I pretty much only play Saw XD.
Apparently the "22" is just a tag Aurisonics put there for the stealth finish so the distributors have an easier time identifying it.
Eh I tend to look at anime as a whole instead of splittin it by season.
Depends on the year bowei. 2014 maybe but 2015, its too early to tell.
That's a need. A/Z S2 episode 7. Yup, all hail Slain indeed. I do feel a tad trolled by the current developments but at least it served as good character dev material.
Zankyou was good in the beginning but kinda got worn out half way through. I LOVED how they did the snowmobile scene though on the first episode that was pretty sick.
While I would I donno if I could take a round 2 of Shingatsu. It's a masterpiece through and through and it's one of the VERY few manga I've applauded for a good ending but a second round might never happen for me. Maybe when everything's over and I'll do it in a binge but that's one joyride I won't go through again with my feels being tugged back and forth. If there was one complaint I'd have to have besides my personal issues with the ending it's the foreshadowing was so...
Am I a weirdo for agreeing?Agree on all and while I loved how everything fell in place for Shingatsu I still donno if I want to watch the animated version.
https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1040878755928895&id=209300975753348   Saw this on my facebook feed thingy, first thing that caught my eye was Yuri Bears.
They don't have time for that they're too busy with either building or R&D!
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