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I'm pretty close to giving up on Gundam and that didn't even happen when Age came out.
Seconded... Gundam has so many round corners now. I'm trying to debate whether the series I grew up with has truly changed into something completely different from the series I grew up with. Art style does feel nostalgic though.
Gundam G no Reconguista killed a lot of the "classic" Gundam designs. Just watched the OP and it looks like Haro got a makeover...donno how I feel about that...and the new gundam design...
Welp note to self: stop skimming so much.
WAIT WHAT? INTP is rare? Well I wouldn't have known. But if you think about it audiophiles are kinda rare so idonno. Anyways I'm going to go back to Mars and program for a bit.
My turn...Feels close nuff to legit. Really should stop procrastinating though...Finish watchin anime then work grind!
You'll have to be more specific. Generally though, if you haven't received your shipping notification it isn't ready to ship.
Haha I would have liked colour options too. To be honest I was a little surprised they didn't do a green as an exclusive colour for KS but oh well.
Unlikely. Dale said it would require a lot of work for them to manage multiple colour options so it's unlikely it'll happen.
Haha I triple checked just to make sure I wasn't going nuts. It's real don't worry.
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