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It's meant for bassists like how the ASG-1 was meant for vocalists.
 I'm enjoying where TG Root A is taking things atm though I think it's going to flow back into the TG:Re storyline from the way things are progressing. Take a look at the last episode of season one again, see if you catch anything.
Looks like they're launching an IEM made for bass called the ASG-B.
Guess I forgot italics for sarcasm...woops.
96 unread posts... screw that. What'd I miss? Nothing important I hope.
I think I woulda bought something from that 50% off everything sale from Razer if I didn't have a K70. It does it's job well and it was cheap.
I have no idea what everyone's talking about right now.
Guess that makes me a young'un too.
Rokujouma gets interesting after the end of the anime though it didn't deserve a 10, donno what I was smoking. As for Aldnoah, I put that 10 there at episode 3 and never bothered to update it. Should probably just null the few ratings I have on there.
My brain lets me eat anything as long as it isn't yaoi. That said it's probably the reason why I've gotten through 80% of the stuff I've watched.
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