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The cardboard and boxes really downplay the size.
 I know in my mind my little bro did something, I don't know what but something. It doesn't even get past the white screen anymore.
According to my little brother my MBP committed software suicide or something like that. It's went from Bootcamp acting up and then the entire computer not working.
Welp they finally stopped stalling with Aldnoah/Zero. We're finally going to see something interesting next week.
I can't wait for the next episode of Death Parade the plot's heading to a fun direction.   Gundam Origins <3. FINALLY something that's good!
Welp Tokyo Ghoul Root A finally dropped the bombshell but honestly the animation makes me sad.
I'm pretty close to Toronto so EST. Next time just gimme a time or toss me an iMessage XD. Finish tomorrow and I'm more or less free for the week.
LoL! I saw you were offline and I was bored so I played a bit.
jrkong, same as always, or at least it should be, like 99% sure. I don't mind reading it later, gotta study for my exam though, I'll have time after 3:30-ish then I can permit myself a little break time before studying html and javascript. Easy or not I don't trust my prof to make things as simple as they should be.
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