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Rarely do I stick around for more then 3 eps for stuff I don't complete. Also note I have a habit of blitzing through anime when I get bored and just want a grasp of the plot though that seldomly happens. Atm I'm just going through MAL's anime list to add everything I've seen. This is still going to take ages... I also realize how much I watch because of my siblings. Well it's not much in comparison to what I've watched on my own but it's enough to be like maybe 5-10% of...
Not entirely sure if that's the case. I just have a particular hate for School Days but that's about it. I'm building my MAL profile just for the hell of it just to see how much anime I've watched so far. Welp this is probably going to take AGES.
Clannad was mheh. After Story though, that was a hellish tearjerker...
I abuse the cable every day and I still can't get it to remember anything. No matter what happens the cable just straightens itself after sitting for a bit. Has anyone had any luck in inducing cable memory on the cable? At this point I'm out of ideas.
I could really use the fix ASAP. I've almost blown out my ears WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much.
ROCKETS haven't launched completely and therefore to avoid all incoming rage Auris isn't going to come out just yet.
Well the ROCKETS weren't made for just audiophiles, they were made with everyone in mind and I'm sure there are people who'd complain about the difference in quality which was something they wanted to avoid.
Officially it doesn't exist... anyways since you found it I guess it isn't my fault the cat's out of the bag. It didn't come out because the black teflon was inconsistent from batch to batch and the overall quality (the microphonics in particular) of the cable it produced wasn't on par with the white cable. As for the standard finish, it's basically the finish you see on that black cable ROCKET right there.
I put up pics of mine ages ago.
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