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Welp Tokyo Ghoul Root A finally dropped the bombshell but honestly the animation makes me sad.
I'm pretty close to Toronto so EST. Next time just gimme a time or toss me an iMessage XD. Finish tomorrow and I'm more or less free for the week.
LoL! I saw you were offline and I was bored so I played a bit.
jrkong, same as always, or at least it should be, like 99% sure. I don't mind reading it later, gotta study for my exam though, I'll have time after 3:30-ish then I can permit myself a little break time before studying html and javascript. Easy or not I don't trust my prof to make things as simple as they should be.
I play it! Awesome but games take too darn long so it's bad for on the go imo but terribly amazing otherwise. I pretty much only play Saw XD.
Apparently the "22" is just a tag Aurisonics put there for the stealth finish so the distributors have an easier time identifying it.
Eh I tend to look at anime as a whole instead of splittin it by season.
Depends on the year bowei. 2014 maybe but 2015, its too early to tell.
That's a need. A/Z S2 episode 7. Yup, all hail Slain indeed. I do feel a tad trolled by the current developments but at least it served as good character dev material.
Zankyou was good in the beginning but kinda got worn out half way through. I LOVED how they did the snowmobile scene though on the first episode that was pretty sick.
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