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I have real high hopes for Inou Battle cuz Trigger's doing it plus the storyline sounds fun as hell.Madan's been on my watch list for a while probably only cuz I've read a bit of the LN and I kinda want to see what happens. Generic harem though.Terraformers is probably going to get butchered by censorship so that's a maybe for me. WHY THE HELL DO I NOT SEE AMAGI BRILLIANT PARK THERE?!?!?! That's a must watch.World Trigger's been iffy for me...will have to wait and see....
Saw that coming from MILES KILOMETERS away.
Only problem I got with comply tips is their longevity. Never been the biggest fan of foam tips since I like to make stuff last as long as possible.Didn't know they had black antiloops looks though.
Oh so I wasn't  going nuts.
Don't think Amagi Brilliant Park's been subbed yet right? I've been waiting for it to come out.
Prisma isn't by Type Moon so it doesn't count in my books.
Honestly though the irony of the Fate series is the Archers never used bows as their main weapons. Well at least in the main series that is.
Oh dang Unlimited Blade Works got subbed. Guess I'll be procrastinating for a bit.
I want to play Super Smash Bros but I can't justify buying another console for another game. Stupid student loans.
It just doesn't feel really "Gundam" it reminds me of Turn A a lot but this is supposed to be a continuation of UC so I don't know how I feel about that. Lots of the designs feel unconventional and they changed Haro quite a lot. Two episodes in and I'm still having a hard time getting a solid grasp on what the 'major conflict' of this series is. At the moment it feels really slow paced in comparison to other Gundam series. It's not like other Gundam series which throw you...
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