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I was eying the Surface Pro but it doesn't use Wacom digitizers anymore which is a huge downer for me but it seems nice and portable and has enough specs for portable use, well at least for me.
I only know a bit of HK style mahjong. It was fun af ter learning the rules.
Been waiting for it to come out for a while now, still haven't had time to watch.
G no Reconguista's pacing is driving me nuts. The MC is also dumb and reckless as hell... I'm kind of wonder when's the next time we'll see a Gundam on par with 00.
It looks sick but I don't think my eyes would be able to handle all those colours if I had icons on my desktop. I feel out of it because collage is increasing the number of pages I need to catch up on.
So it hit that part...I'll assume the bombshell dropped. Wake me up on the last episode please. Not going to go through the ride until it reaches the end. Cliffhangers suck.
Eh honestly both works for me. GC would have been much better on my list if not for the end. Fixed.
Biggest bomb hasn't dropped yet though hints were around this episode.My OCD saved me from that. I'm somewhat grateful.I liked the animation of 00 a lot, probably more then CG. The CG was definitely better for the psychological aspects but it had solid and deep themes though [[SPOILER]]  I was expecting them to pull a Guilty Crown since the start. My instincts were proven correct.  As for Cross Ange, flags are soo dang obvious it's sad.
It's meant for bassists like how the ASG-1 was meant for vocalists.
 I'm enjoying where TG Root A is taking things atm though I think it's going to flow back into the TG:Re storyline from the way things are progressing. Take a look at the last episode of season one again, see if you catch anything.
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