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Anime helps me regain/maintain sanity. Haha predictable.
Yup a harsh month left.
Nope still dying, feigning ignorance. Good memory though.
*drools* new anime season is great so far. So many anime I've been wanting to watch. Friday's my day off school so hehehe. Made my lil bro read Dungeon Hookup a while back, its story interests me somewhat.
Oh yay something to look forward to. Aldnoah was crap. No Slain domination so it can go to hell.
G no Reconguista made zero sense. Can't believe I watched 26 episodes of it.
Lots of escalation in Aldnoah/Zero ep 10. Wonder if we'll see the downfall of Slain...I don't want that.
Saw it coming, was never on my radar never will.
Shinji is a grade A d-bag without the Heaven's Feel details. What happens in Heaven's Feel is beyond next level d-baggery though. [[SPOILER]]  Stupidity all around. At this point, Slain ruling the world would be my most wanted outcome. No one else deserves the success as much as him.
Traps everywhere. The episode was so anticlimactic, the new character might be interesting but it's probably going to go downhill for Slain. That's the likely ideology of this new fellow. We live in a world run by business and his name sells.  Welp back to working on assignments after watchin some anime.
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