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NEKOMIMI! Ok now that that's over with have you tried switching up the tips? I had a field day with testing insertion depth and it can change the sound sig quite a bit.
So I've been trying the M+ tips again after using the small tips for a while I'm noticing a pretty big difference. Using the M+ tips the ROCKETS don't go nearly as deep into my ears and doesn't let as much pressure build up as the small tips do. As a result the bass decay subsides a lot quicker and it has a lot less impact making the sound cooler overall. The sound also feels less intimate and more energy is given to the mids and treble.
double post due to lag...
I'm pretty sure I can imagine the smile on your face. Anyways gnarlsagan and everyone else who's had a chance to use the ROCKETS, anyone else notice that the SureSeal tips tend to hold their shape after using them for a while? I find them molding to my ear's shape after a bit of use.
Lol sorry. XD But seriously though, I'm going to reiterate the warning I posted a while back: Aurisonics' warranty does not carry over to second hand users. Keep this in mind if you're thinking about buying second hand.
 I'd only let mine go at an absurd price. As far as I know, the only thing that'll happily fill the void for the ROCKETS is the UERM. I'm feverishly saving up for them. I'm probably going to have to do some crazy budgeting and find a part time job or two but it should work out.
At this point you're getting into 'personal preference' zone since different people demand different things from different genres but from my experience neutral sound sigs are the most adaptable for various genres.
There's no misinterpretation, your stance is entirely correct. I could have quoted any post regarding the impatience but yours was a good segway into the post I made which is why I chose to quote it. So don't worry, I was in no way out to make you look like "the bad guy". If I was in your situation without this background knowledge I'd be pretty dang impatient as well but having seen what I have, it really wouldn't sit right with me if I didn't get something out to let...
He's looking feverishly for new people but he's got really high standards for the people he employs and the products he makes. To say he's passionate about what he does is an understatement.
Well I've seen both sides of the story and while I'm not saying lack of communication is right on Aurisonics' side, after what I've seen it's more then understandable. I've been writing up an article about my experiences there but just SOOO much has happened that it's hard to put everything into one organized post/article. The finalized thing is probably going to be a couple days away depending on how long it takes for me to get everything down and for things to get OK'd...
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