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The 2.5 definitely felt like they had more bass vs the 2 when I listened to em.
Oh right! I forget if I've said anything about this yet but basically, ASG-1+ is the ASG-1 with a single tweeter. The latest revision of the ASG-2 takes a laid back approach and has less treble then the original ASG-2. It's been a while since I heard the ASG-1+ so I can't make any detailed comparisons but out of the three ASGs the 1+ was easily the closest to neutral.
I can confirm or deny nothing. Dale is going to beat me with a PVC pipe and proceed to rip my head off if I say anything more then I have. But I will say, having heard it during its early dev days and knowing its dev goal, I'm kinda jumping up and down right now knowing that Dale has it relatively tuned right.
If what you're hearing what I think you're hearing then that means the thing the thing that I helped test and watch Dale design and prototype when I was over there is relatively complete. If that's the case then I'll need to start saving up. That and to think of a way to get this huge grin off my face.
Honestly the thing holding back production before was the cable since the manufacturer couldn't get it right.
I should scan the NAMM brochures they were handing out. The tips are made from a medical grade thermoplastic elastomer. I was rather tempted to take one of the ruined ROCKETS wire and solder a set of pins on to have that cable on my ASG-1S. Don't really think the end result would have been great but it would have been a fun way to reuse stuff they would have thrown out. But seriously though, I'm anxiously waiting for a version of this cable I could use with other IEM.
Did you not see the video where Dale had his daughter stand/swing on a piece of the ROCKETS cable?
I'm using the Geek Out 1k when I'm not using my iPhone 3GS with mine.
Wholeheartedly agree on this. At this point I've been listening to the ROCKETS for 2 weeks now giving them at least 5 hours a day and while there are flaws here and there the ROCKETS' delivery makes many of these issues less noticeable. This is a part of the ROCKETS overall charm if you ask me.
When I was at Aurisonics HQ I remember Dale dunking a pair in a cup of water and listening to the music it played. If the sonic demo I had now was fully waterproofed I'd make a video. I'm rather tempted to make a video of the ROCKETS taking a swing from a mallet.
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