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BDs? Hmmm...too impatient for that. Though someone remind me when those come out.I don't mind bein a total oddball.Yup +1.
Such blasphemy right there. I aced all my exams balancing life with an 75% anime 20% studying and 5% ratio. Anime can never be a mistake! What nonsense is this?
Fairy Tail? It's one of those things that they've milked like mad. After the first two seasons the quality drops. Amagi? YOU HAVEN'T STARTED AMAGI !?!?!?!?! START AND FINISH IT IN A DAY! THAT'S AN ORDER! NAO!!!
Ugh stupid public holiday, might be a while before I see my K7XX. Hope it ain't stuck in customs for too long.
Servent x Service too if you like Working!!! I'm waiting on season 3 which is coming out in the summer.
Been keepin up with anime that's been coming out which means I'm good. Dungeon Pickup is the obvious winner for me this season. Couple other mentionables but I'll leave that for later.
Finally NOT busy after a good month or more. Don't think I missed anything right?
I'm liking it a lot. Bright colours and real energetic, goes along with the nature of the story real well.
Denpa Kyoushi anime came out! FINALLY!
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