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Don't think anyone's scanlating the manga atm. The anime's pretty much caught up to it as of today.
Yup second episode confirms it. Amagi's the highlight of the season for me.
Well 'spot' might not be the best word. It's more like you need to have a minimum amount of sound pressure accumulated for the ROCKETS to sound as they should. It's not a hit or miss type of thing but you may kill your hearing if you crank the volume up too much hence my usage of the word "spot".
Anyone watch the latest episode of Gundam G no Reconguista? Should I give up hope yet?
Let me expand on this: I remember talking to John Strehlau and he was giving me a basic rundown on sound and he mentioned that the ROCKETS used, 'the distance between your eardrum and the driver to sound nice.' Of course he didn't get into the nitty gritty scientific details of how it works but I know for a fact that the ROCKETS have a 'sweet spot' that requires some fiddling with the volume to find, I'd assume that it has something to do with the pressure buildup.
Volume and tip opening size sounds like the culprit. Sound cues don't pop up until you crank the volume up enough and I've found the bore size does have some affect on the sound cues.
First season was great but it went totally downhill from there. Enough for me to think that it's no longer something I'd recommend to others.
They couldn't get snap and fit to work without losing flexibility with the anti loops. Where'd you get the ear guides? Might want to get them myself.
Dale always did say never to go by the 'a' and the 's' when I was making them. You should send them an email though they'll probably get you a replacement.
From my experience the microphonics are from the vibrations the cable receive traveling up to your ear. I find that it's more sensitive because it's generally deeper in and sealed better in my ear vs other IEM.
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