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I feel dang trolled. Only good that can come from this is me opicking up a cheap 970 to sli. Doubt that'll hap though.
Wow that GTX970 Vram issue...FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK! I DEMAND COMPENSATION! I didn't pay for 3.5GB and the occasional 0.5GB I payed for 4GB of usable ram...
Crap! I spy dead pixel... welp I'll get that dealt with as I get another one of my screens.
Ya my wallet can't afford a hole as big as that.Well I got a 19 inch and a 23 inch atm. If I get another 23 inch the 19 inch goes back to my little bros. I need the extra workspace for productivity>gaming it's easier to manage multiple pages with a dedicated workspace to put them in.
So I got a 23.5 inch Samsung monitor, going dual monitor is great but my OCD's telling me to get another of those monitors. I'm debating if $120 is worth satisfying my OCD and a bigger second screen.
Wow Slain's going places for A/Z.
Just get him a toy guitar. It's close enough and light on the wallet.
Haha it compensates for my lack of allowance during childhood. I'm soo glad it isn't widespread where I live/I don't know anyone who seriously celebrates it or my wallet will die. Blah! It's just about the only time they do. Well at least for my relatives anyways.
Death Parade ep 3 was nice. Not as much brain food as the last few episodes but fun none the less.
Welp time to catch up on all the anime I still need watch. That includes Kancolle and a few other things.
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