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I aint a fan of how I gotta buy another amp for Stax so no Stax for me.
I don't think I'll ever touch Stax. Never gonna try to get that far.
 Yup importing stuff just sucks. Eh I've got a mad desire for better sound so I know I'll go for summit fi eventually, question is when.
Um Google says I payed more then you though... fees just suck overall.
That's for sure. It'll last until I want to go summit-fi I think in the far future.
K got my K7XX, the $41 customs fee hurt but oh well. Rather entertaining sound imo, I'm enjoying it so far.
Applause for surviving one season none the less.I think I could do it if I feigned ignorance. Food is food and I ain't gonna waste good food.
You survived the first season? I couldn't get past 3 episodes. Reading the manga probably contributed to that though.
Never owned an AKG though I enjoyed em when I've used them though more bass should be welcome.
I'm probably not going to see my K7XX until next week. Man it sucks when the tracker hasn't moved in 4 days.
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