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Oh it went up huh? I was wondering when they were going to let it out into the wild.
Welp a lot happened in Aldnoah...2015...waiting game we meet again...
Not really new. I've seen people who've done this elsewhere. I'll be impressed once someone starts printing working drivers out.
Well something's causing me to turn up the volume a few notches with my Rockets vs other IEMs on all my devices so I don't know. I also didn't know about the logarithmic volume on the Geek though I suspected it. Rather odd.
I need the Geek Out 1k to be at roughly -37 to get my Rockets loud enough. They're oddly powerhungry for a pair of IEMs.
I use them daily and constantly too so I generally turn it down once I start my computer and keep it that way for the rest of the day as I do my work but of course there's the occasional slip-up.
Almost blew my ears out again... NEED GEEK FIRMWARE FIX NOW! Any eta on that?
That was probably one of the first things I asked when I was over there. They told me something along the lines of 'all plating comes off eventually it's just a matter of how quickly'. It won't affect the functionality of the jack it just won't look as gold.
You'll have to define "bad finishing".
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