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I love the cable too. I've been literally abusing the cable by wrapping the cable around my phone or my hand when I'm putting my phone in my pocket, something I'd usually avoid doing to avoid cable memory, but no matter what I do the cable just straightens itself out after sitting for a few seconds.
There is no way you'll damage the cable by pulling on it. It is quite literally impossible for the cable joint to give in under normal use, there's just too much there to keep it in place.
Well I saw a variety of colours when I was over there hanging on the rack in que so it doesn't seem to be the case.
TLDR is they're great and I don't know. Does that work for short?
 Like vwinter said: they'll adapt. I'm starting to wish each tip came with a form that'll help the tips keep its shape. My small tips are now in the shape of the M+ tips instead of the original round shape and I have no way to change it back.
When that happens I use a pencil or a pair of tweezers and go fishing, but that's just me.
Try smaller tips then you usually use, I found the ROCKETS sound better the deeper you get them. I've been using the small SureSeals and they mold really well to my ear since they don't have as much resistance vs silicone tips. From the looks of my small tip it looks like I'm getting the tip in 2-3mm deeper then other tips. For me it makes a night and day difference. I've found the more pressure you can build up with the seal, the better the sub bass. I also found that it...
NEKOMIMI! Ok now that that's over with have you tried switching up the tips? I had a field day with testing insertion depth and it can change the sound sig quite a bit.
So I've been trying the M+ tips again after using the small tips for a while I'm noticing a pretty big difference. Using the M+ tips the ROCKETS don't go nearly as deep into my ears and doesn't let as much pressure build up as the small tips do. As a result the bass decay subsides a lot quicker and it has a lot less impact making the sound cooler overall. The sound also feels less intimate and more energy is given to the mids and treble.
double post due to lag...
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