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The black cables and the white cables do have a different feel to them and the black ones are more pliable from what I remember.
It's arowley@fender.com or andy@aurisonics.com
Changing the cable on the Rockets pretty much means rebuilding the entire IEM from scratch.
The Comply tips are easily one of my favorites for fit and isolation because they use a softer foam then stock foam tips and its not hard ot get them to mold to the shape of the ear canal. I haven't tried sleeping and listening with them but they'll likely stay in better then stock tips. As for the size of the Comply tips, you can use the stock S/M/L tips that come with your JVC-FX850 as reference as they are relatively similar, I don't have specific measurements but...
The only reason I say its possible is because Dale briefly tested it once, was pretty fun but water and electronics never mix.
I think people are forgetting they're waterproof. Try putting them in a cup of water and playing music out of em. It's entertaining as hell.
The only difference between the black and the white cables is the plastic sheath that covers the wire. The materials on the inside are the exact same.
I aint a fan of how I gotta buy another amp for Stax so no Stax for me.
I don't think I'll ever touch Stax. Never gonna try to get that far.
 Yup importing stuff just sucks. Eh I've got a mad desire for better sound so I know I'll go for summit fi eventually, question is when.
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