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Ya when I first heard she was voiced by Hana Kana I were you's better after this episode but still feels iffy. Gonna watch the first episode of Blade Dance see how that goes.
I agree though it still hasn't clicked completely with me. It'll probably get better as more episodes come out. Tokyo ESP: my only comment so far would be "..." gonna give it another episode but it's something I might drop. Thing about anime originals is they always need time to pick up the pace. Story's coming together but I'll need a few more episodes before I make a solid decision. I like where it's going so far though.
Akame Ga Kill episode 2... still bright and a tad happy but the fight scenes are nice and dark. Real sharp contrast, still can't tell if it works for me or not but something bout it does rub me the wrong way.
Hmm Tokyo ESP seems interesting so far...
Isn't Psycho Pass just a re-edit of the original? I heard season 2 starts next season.Watching now, seems interesting.
Oculus is a maybe. At the moment it seems outside of my budget though.
Thank god. I like iPhones simply because they get support for a longer period of time afaik.
They are rather entertaining. Kinda annoys me we have another dense MC though.Only worries I have now are price and Apple murdering the 3.5mm jack.
Hehe it's about time I replace my iPhone 3GS. Watching Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun right now it seems like something I'll keep watchin.
Haha I'm not really aiming for a super powerful build. Quite honestly I find myself drifting away from gaming atm so I just need something that works, is new and under warranty. The 750 showed lots of promise though and now I'm just waiting for the release for confirmation.
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