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Hmm Tokyo ESP seems interesting so far...
Isn't Psycho Pass just a re-edit of the original? I heard season 2 starts next season.Watching now, seems interesting.
Oculus is a maybe. At the moment it seems outside of my budget though.
Thank god. I like iPhones simply because they get support for a longer period of time afaik.
They are rather entertaining. Kinda annoys me we have another dense MC though.Only worries I have now are price and Apple murdering the 3.5mm jack.
Hehe it's about time I replace my iPhone 3GS. Watching Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun right now it seems like something I'll keep watchin.
Haha I'm not really aiming for a super powerful build. Quite honestly I find myself drifting away from gaming atm so I just need something that works, is new and under warranty. The 750 showed lots of promise though and now I'm just waiting for the release for confirmation.
Understatement. I'm pretty sure the first or second episode already passed what translated manga we have. Bakatsuki has 4 volumes translated atm and the anime ends at volume 3.
Watch anime first, read LN second. Manga isn't far along at all.
Well if you think about it logically it makes sense that they'd end it there since it's the end of a major conflict. Personally I was hoping it would go up to the [[SPOILER]]
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