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 I don't know, i just converted it to mp3 and now X5 recognises it. To me, tags and embed art looked fine!Actually I couldn't pay for it. It was an edit of Daft Punk exhibition at grammys with Stevie Wonder and Nile Rodgers. The guy who did it took the leaked multitracks from both rehearsals and actual exhibition and combined them in one hell of a track. During the live broadcast they had mics problems and couldn't hear most of Steve part, so the guy did a wonderful job...
THIS. Experienced it myself with X5 just out of the box. Discovered it was a rogue m4a file downloaded from the web.
I don't own the E11 but i have the PFEs paired with my X5 and they sounds just great, still love them so much even after 4 years :) But bass (with black filters) isn't their strength point as they are more analytical :)
Did you try downgrading again the FW to 1.23 beta or 1.20? Long shot but worth trying! Good luck mate
Maybe it's just a faulty card! It happens!
  That's exactly what I did, but to figure out which file it was it took me one hour more or less, I had a 64gb full of music card (flacs and mp3s..)
I had the exact same problem and counting down didn't work for me. 50% of the times I tried to scan the library after resetting the device, it stopped at different track number. I suggest you to remove some albums and update every time the library, if you're lucky enough it may only take 1 hour or two. In my case it was a m4a file downloaded from the web.
Thanks Luisdent! Ordering them from Amazon.com as the seller you suggested is not shipping to my country :\ Hopefully the are what I've been looking for all these months. I was just looking at PFE sound with some more bass. I hope the X5 is not too bright and I'll get a decent amount of bass..and fortunately I'm not a basshead! I still remember when i was a little child and used to switch off loudness on my dad's hifi and taming down the bass while listening to Pat Metheny...
Thanks so much, I was really looking forward to read a reply from you after reading your comparison. I'm jumping on the train, can you please suggest the place to find them cheapest? Being a student sucks..thanks :)
Hi guys! I'm still using the PFE112 with my new X5 and I find them lacking bass. How do the tenores compare to the PFEs paired with the X5? Will I get more bass with the tenores? Any suggestion is appreciated, thanks!
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