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It's rare to see any IEM with the EX1000 stage
I don't think driver type has any causational effect on soundstage presentation. For example, to me, the three BA's in the UERM throw out a soundstage around the same width as the EX1000, give or take.If only it was that simple haha.
Thanks!Very interesting. I had hoped there would be more to distinguish them all besides general quality of sound and removable cables, ie FR differences. But interestingly, all of a sudden, I vaguely remember doing a google translate of something about the trio and based on the descriptions getting the impression that the main distinguishing difference between the 750 and 850 was the replaceable cable.
Ahhh cool. How do you like the sound?
Thanks re: the drawing!Nope, not the SD2. More... Industrial, less organic.The SD2 very much looks like a pebble though. I'd say it was a bit less... substantial looking in material, less stone more nice plastic machined inorganic stone haha.Nope. But that picture helped with making sure no.Thanks too!Similar-ish to an original sm2 in all black, but slicker more well built looking. The shape of where the connector attaches to the body is the right proportion though.It's...
Wish I was there. Maybe the fall meet. =(Which UE customs? Find a UERM demo somewhere there. There has to be one somewhere.
Haha thanks!I don't think it's earsonics from what I've seen but I'll take a look. I've provided more description in responses above.It's definitely not westone unless their new models are radically different in shape and design. Also, not a braided cable Nope housing is too boxy for the Shure style. Also, in case anyone is wondering, it's not translucent or transparent.I'm leaning toward but It didn't look like any custom I'd ever seen. It looked like a machined and...
Nope. I actually tested the ossicle out haha. Cable is thicker than the plug. The plug housing is about as long as the plug and 3x the diameter. The outside part that someone can see when it's in the ear is flat except where it tapers in at the bottom a bit and the edges are a bit rounded. It's glossy black plastic that is reflective and no logo.To be honest, except the most exact proportions, my rendering is reasonably accurate so if someone had seen it before, they would...
Looked into it and while it does a bit, it wasn't.Here are the differences from the AT IM series:The plug housing is huge. The cylinder extended past the edges if the dudes cellphone.Please excuse the sloppy cellphone markup.Thanks for trying!
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