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I literally though that but figured no one would know what I was talking about lol.
Of course. Thanksss. Can't say I'm digging the naming tho. It's just a bit confusing.
I think she figured that out already Thanks!I like the sound of that actually. Too bad they removed it, even if I don't play it. I vaguely remember playing some other game that had a similar mechanic...Speaking if mechanics, I popped Street Fighter EX plus Alpha (the original) into my (original) PS1 for like 20 minutes the other day. Really solid mechanics in that game, programmed really cleanly IMO. Under-appreciated fighting game.When you say too long;didn't read in the...
Crazy question of the day: Does anyone know if the GR07 Classic's sensitivity is 105dB/mW or 105dB/V?
What exactly is a Fitear fitear?
... "tips"? Kinda loose there with the definition aren't you?If he had sent you the note and you did it cuz you're a cool dude, and then he was so happy you did it that he decided to send you $600, that would be a tip.I would personally call that kind of action arrogantly presumptive, among other things.
Hard work that they charge more than marginally for. If ANYTHING, they should continue to hand craft at said quality and with said great service so that they can sustain their luxury goods business model.Black Friday sales are for people that either can't afford something otherwise or are willing to wait for to not pay for as much margin as a retailer or manufacturer is normally willing to accept. And for some people, it's just the thrill of getting a good deal....
Thumb art continues
1. You absolutely should2. Character is a word for it.
You'll be fine with it. Mids are good, very separated, but a little dulled occasionally due to a dip in the lower treble.Mmm me too. Upto like episode 8. At least two actual laugh out loud moments an episode is pretty solid for me. And she is pretty darn endearing.
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