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Spill the beans. Naow! pleaaaaseAnd congrats on your soon to be new family member! =)Oh hot DAYUMMM.This is gonna hit network news. There's no erasing this.Everyone and their nickelodeon watching father are gonna be all over it.The first thing I did when I got my iphone set up was stop all photos from being backed up/and/or synced to iCloud. Not cuz of this being a risk for me but cuz common sense just in case.Oh the stitches. +1
Not cuz of the MH1 controversy of 2014? My second set is with mic too!
Thanks! Much obliged.Hahaha, every comment comes with a side of aloe.Respect gnarl, respect. TiN Grey looks great! Glad I got that as my second set. (And glad I got a second set!)
Ok now we're just going the wrong way.Even if the Hybrids and the MH1 tips have the same size opening, the stem is of a wider bore on the MH1 tips. I wish I was home this weekend to check this.
Are you sure? Lol
Wider bore too, iirc.
I need to finish Full Metal Panic so bad. Totally forgot about that one! Thanks!This is also true. It's also riddled with anime tropes and cliches.
Too much spoiler in there. Don't read those lol.That is sooo badly put out of context that remembering those scenes, I almost had to laugh. One of those violence and gore scenes they list is for comic relief lol.
That'd be news to me. Maybe some mind-****ery, but I don't know about horror in the strictest sense. I did see all the episodes. The netflix subtitles are not well timed.Worth a watch if you aren't watching anything else IMO. Has some potential.
Pretty much this.It's horrific alright.
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