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I really like these photos.Great shot and feel.
With current exchange rates especially.
Price was around 25k yen a week ago and recent currency fluctuations could move it a few bucks +-I bet it drops back after the holidays. Prices usually go up a bit to take advantage of last second gift buyers. And I know they are starting to like this holiday season in Japan for gift giving so it applies IMO.
Word of mouthAnd lol
Zero Audio kickin it with that Dr. Mario inspiration.I'm intrigued and repulsed all at once.
Wow. Makes me wish my interior design preferences leaned toward something that could accommodate such a design.
Game looks interesting and well done and dare I say awesome, except for one tiiiiny thing. Everything is great except the 4 main characters who are annoying and overwrought from the very first second. Ugh. The main frickin characters. Wtf.
Nice!Work and other matters have sucked out my time entirely for the last few weeks =(Here's something I had thumbed on my phone on thanksgiving day. Kinda rough but I like it:
So I gots a little (big) box of awesome yesterday night and was instructed to open the shipping box ASAP. Whoa. Good guess Santa (who knows all) cuz I LOVE bread and bread-like products. there's more! For safe keeping Thanks SS! PS. There was a hand written card with an awesome drawing and Ghibli references and I can't stop saying awesome.
Yea but they're doing something different and it's nowhere near as gaudy as it could be with that gem-like facade and general brightness.
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