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^ those really do look like physical media!It's getting easier to expect what I can't see under my fat thumb and quickly hitting undo after a bad stroke lol.
Any big company, your internship will be them treating you extra nicely in an attempt to fool you into signing up....
Lol, it's the most accurate depiction of a work on a tv show I've seen in a while. I only watch it on days off.Yea, comparing measurements across measurers is a bad idea. And getting an understanding of what they do is too. My favorite is the 6dB lower bass compensation at golden ears.
In case anyone is interested, a certain site the rules for which are no longer clear has the UERM going for 25% off. Lowest I've seen.
Just cross posting for the animu-ness
Good stuff guys! More thumb art:
$1 huh...Nice. Thanks!I wouldn't jump to that conclusion so quickly really. The CSD is pretty clean there and it doesn't really reflect a peak above the midrange or bass amplitude which tells me that it might not be sibilant at any reasonable volume. It'll probably be a little bright there, and maybe a bit brittle, but I would take a 50/50 on horribly sibilant.The FX850 should probably be horribly sibilant too for example, but it isn't.
Good channel matching. IMO-Midrange will likely be a bit dulled due to the ~15dB drop after the 2k bump. The 2k bump might cause a bit of shoutiness at higher volumes. Hard to tell about brightness because the 6-7k peak is in line with the bass, but it might be a big aggressive sounding in the treble due to the sharp 20dB rise over a range of 3000Hz, but that's a bit hard to tell. Extension look plenty solid enough and bass will likely sound pretty linear, if a small bit...
Well f* me. They actually posted an honest to goodness FR graph for it, with scale and smoothing information. Not the piece of crap most companies post, like RHA.I want to jump in on this just for that. Because it sets a good example.
The only seal of approval that matters.
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