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It's actually one of the more accurate depictions of the book in visual media. Go figure.
This hurts my heart lol. 7/10 for Jackson alone.But I don't think I'd categorize it as a Kung Fu flick.Glad more people are seeing it though. My friend just watched it last week. I don't have a good rational reason for it, but my gut tells me it's required viewing as a sort of culmination of 80's American martial arts flicks where the martial arts are seen less as a tool and take center stage and a precursor to the early 90's JCVD/Seagal wave.
I knew someone who may have said that Jurassic Park was her favorite movie. But she was a huge Michael Crichton fan. Jurassic Park is a really well done movie to be fair. Has that classic Speilberg touch.
Edit: Nevermind
 I thought the same about the Avatar lol. Its a "mecha" anime that takes a crazy young and fun approach rather than most that are serious and political. at least through 2 episodes haha.   Nice. I still have the on my to-do list after you spoke so highly of it.
 Those are pretty good places for peaks IMO as far as peaks go, as long as they aren't too big.
 haha, and executed so well. I don't see how this is the easiest option though. [[SPOILER]]   Are you in the mood for heartwarming or you have got to be kidding me with hollywood summer blockbuster timing? Like EveTan said, its nothing really new, but I do feel the execution is exceptional.
Aldnoah 12: Well F*%$ me.
A- it's not so bad. Though I like non-city areas too.B- To Zanarkand felt like it had the emotion sucked out of it C- don't have the desire to find it.D- cd ripE- good thing?F- Havanese are smaller haha.G- better than part body shrinking H- smooth is too kind a word IMO. Overly overly.I- makes sense, as long as you stay out of the passing lane =)Portfolio link? Understand if no lol.
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