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I was actually picturing Han and Leia
Supposedly, it's only practically bad if you are unlucky, individuallly. But who knows. I already changed a couple passwords just in case.
Still bummed about missing this in theaters =/Anyone else picture Harrison Ford here when they read this bolded part?Then I click on the IMDb link and from the tiny photo on my phone, in profile, the lead kind of resembles Ford.
Halloween II (1981) [6.9/10] Partially, the issue with this is that final girl loses its novelty when you know who it is from the start. It also takes a hit when the script puts her under heavy medication, barely able to walk and you still know she's final girl. The onlyA way to do this situation right is to play it off for fun, but the tone of the movie doesn't allow it, not to say that the tone of the movie is inappropriate. This falls on the script creating a situation...
This dude?
Tenebre [9/10]   I was going to put this up at about an 8.8 as an incredibly solid film, but then came the ending, which was nothing short of one of the most well set up and satisfying endings I’ve had the pleasure of watching, sustaining even as the credits rolled. One of the highlights for me was how strong the script was. This may sound crazy for a movie of this type, but the script and dialogue is incredibly tight for the story being told. It easily allows one to...
Lame. But Swiss Miss is deceptively good in a slumming it kinda way (he says while complaining about the price of a box at the market)My friend had a handheld grinder. She got frustrated with it very quickly.Some people do
I had already decided I would skip the kopi luwak and am sticking to that decision
I now need to get a first cup... I love coffee from that region so that's kind of exciting.
If someone gave me 5k and said you can only either buy a headphone or an espresso machine, I'd be walking home with this without even a second thought:Can't really blame Starbucks for trying to align (read: sell) to like a century of what people think coffee should taste like. I have my dad a good cup of coffee and he proceeded to say it didn't taste like coffee because it was "weak". It's deeply entrenched.The cascara is definitely sweeter than the flat white, but,...
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