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I actually checked to see that the mesh (super thin felt is more accurate though) was still there as I was placing them in the box to ship. Maybe they got dislodged in transit. Do you still have the box? I heard the spike you are hearing too, but I have a sensitivity in that range and it was still probably as gentle and smooth a sibilance as I had ever heard, almost a nice sizzle really. As far as bass went, it felt like there was the slightest bit of rolloff at the...
Work has sucked so much for the past 2-3 weeks. 80 pages definitely will not read. I missed you guys. I'll likely be scarce for a while
=) really happy you like it!I might have to consider electrostats now haha. And thank you, I really appreciate that!My gf actually really liked the pocketmonkey I got you and got me one for Xmas lol. It now sits happily in my wallet.@miceblue1. I knew it!! =)2. Thank you so much. The gift was surprising and amazing.
Yea it definitely has given me some stuff to think about. It's one of those potentially life altering shows.Haha it's funny because I agree with you and PA Works' boss. I've worked with such people in the past and it always makes work more interesting. I lovingly call them a chaos factor. They keep people from getting bored with the monotony of their jobs, even though it generally creates more work.It's more Tarou specifically, his personality bugs me.Yeaaa, not sure I...
Lost a lot of quotes in a mobile cache purge, whatevs. Onto the new ones.X2This.All this talks of death parade...I just binged the second half of Shirobako season one. Easily the best anime I watched this past season. Thanks to those who recommended it... @kn19h7 methinks first? And maybe then a 2nd vote by @Tom Yum Goong [[SPOILER]] Edit: didn't even think about that not so spoiler but could be a spoiler at first all. Hope no one saw it.../editIt's kind of both inspiring...
When I saw the Lab 1 photos, and that they went through like 1000 or whatever tip designs, I thought they looked just like sony hybrids in the bore size and overall tip design. If only they had walked over to their local Sony Style.
The IE80, somehow, are one of, if not the most, comfortable IEMs I've ever tried. Somehow.
Gah, is this the UK/EU release only. If I get word that this is delayed anymore on the US side by Funi, I'm going with fansubs, they make it too hard to support things.
Whoa...+1And I'm not usually a concerned by dusk kinda guy.Nice.Yes how were they?
It's usually a lens issue. I can't remember if the sensor can cause issues too. I know Lightroom has tools to try to adjust it. I think Lightroom might even attempt to remove it automatically if you import RAW files like it does for hot spots (which is so so nice).I'm sure there are add-ins for other software too for post processing.
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