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Found them! I had to search areas near where the box was torn open lol. Thanks.Good to know about the tips. Yea, the sure seal plus were a bit big at first so I switched them out. I'll give them another try.@Aurisonics to maintain the target sound, were these meant for deeper or more shallow insertion? Of course it could be negligible too.
Looks like only one set of 4 sizes of tips came in my shipment. I have no idea how they would fit the ear loops, nonetheless an extra set of tips, inside the retail aluminum box.
Elastomer last I'd heard, iirc.
Flexibility is great, but the tack is a new thing for me when it comes tips. Very comfy once they're in.
Tips have a lot of... drag. Anyone who has dry ears might have some initial issues.
Cable is top notch.
I'll take it Bass is not emphasized, at all, not even a bit, zero emphasis. Couldn't test extension cuz I was on a subway train for most of my first listen.Imaging is really top notch.Detail retrieval and separation are really excellent.Soundstage height is some of the best i've heard.Bass is incredibly incredibly clean. But again, no emphasis, at all. Kind of a good idea to do with a micro driver actually. Cuz they don't excel at big driver bass, why not tone it down. I...
For all you whiners: Bwahahahaha /Impressions On a slightly more serious note: I don't even wanna ruin this for people with impressions. Dale you sweet beautiful bastard. I should have bought 3.
What is this "impressions?" The miracle of it all is getting off of work before 10 at night today, so I might actually have time for a listen when I get my hands on them.
Thought I'd throw this up for all you guys: (Note: hands may or may not be mine )
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