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In practice, well I'm out of it, but in theory, the shadows are neither consistent with one light source nor are they with two. Unless the one light source is about her eye level and about 3 body widths to her right, which sadly is also not possible due to the short cast shadows.Love the colors and idea though!Sigh, I'm such a grouch.
Ran through the Final Fantasy Tactics OST at work today with the Tenore. Man what a great soundtrack! Just so incredibly and consistently solid all the way through. The Tenore does it justice.
Try a Nicaragua if they have it. I'm a fan of the Starbucks Nicaragua Reserve.
Interesting. What's odd then is that other instant coffees have sugnificantly less. Maybe that's the secret to its power...A+
Literally, LOL.Now to shoot any credibility I had in the foot: [[SPOILER]] Their only real saving grace as a coffee place is the Clover.Other than that, if you can accept that it's just a pricy beverage place, frapaccinos are nice once in a while in the summer and I am partial to the pumpkin spice latte... as a heavy dessert.
No no no. It's Folgers damnit, Folgers.
Maybe the sale was not over the FS forums, and this beyond the scope of mods? Not that I pretend to know how the magical laws of moderating work The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And scary Japanese movies.Just to be clear before we move on:Only on your wording, this statement indicates that either you assumed the buyer knew of issues with Tenores in general based on your discussions with him, or he represented that he knew of issues with Tenores in general,...
But is it the best part of waking up?
LOL! I'm just imitating your moccamaster on the mad cheap haha. It's not a slow drip at worst, but does an admirable job for using a fork as a turbulent rain showerhead.
What movie is that gif from?I have a feeling I've seen it and that bugs me.It looks like it could be from any JCVD or Jackie Chan movie from the late 80's to early 90's.It doesn't really focus on bass, just in the bass, it has a subbass focus rather than a midbass focus. Other than that, it's very very neutral.I actually have a manual pour over and I recently started using a fork in combination with a Japanese electric hot pot set to 208 degrees to rain water that slightly...
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