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Sounds about right.
Terminator Genisys Went in not expecting something along the lines of T1 or T2. Didn't expect much, really. But hearing it wasn't too bad and wanting to support a decent reboot of a timeless franchise made me want to see it. The bad: Arny was trying a bit too hard to be a parody of himself. The script was trying to do too much at once. Parts of it felt very TV movie quality, mainly the talking parts. The ugly: Not sure what makes this new terminator type any/much better...
There were probably covenants put into the company's capital structure once it sold shares for outside funding to prevent him from selling off his whole stake and running like the wind. Optimistic, I know.
Because then you'd just be a regular old perv instead of an enterprising voyeur.And you'd be living the anime dream. If there's anything I've learned from anime, it's that harems love a guy who works hard to sneak a peak, and then vehemently denies it.
It's probably like the same idea of going above and beyond in the service industry. The difference between that 16% and 20% tip. They know their show isn't going to be a considered a work of art, so why not pull in that extra bit of cash from the inevitable merch.What do you think about sexualized characters being "on display"?Sooo... You didn't try to dig a tunnel and snorkel on the other side?So what was the best show last season?Like if I was only to watch one (or maybe...
Nah, they legit. They go on sale often enough on amazon for like $11-12 for an 8 pack AAA. Sales on AAs are a bit less frequent but it's like $15 or $16 for 8. Or just buy a large set like... deadly(was it?) said. Apparently the AAA to D converter works dandy.I mean, what isn't derivative in some way with food. Generally food of European influence is a little harder to be like, that's original.Apples are pretty American lol. Johnny Appleseed O_oMaybe it's cuz no one else...
Took advantage of the recent price drop on the Cowboy Bebop bluray set. Kind of interesting. 2D parts are remastered to blu ray beautifully. But apparently, 15 year old 3D doesn't really lend itself to upscaling. At all. And as a result is jarring. Every time. The show never ceases to remind me of how good it is though.
For posterity:Yea, I saw it at mitsuwa and had to try it. Tastes like generic beer, which I guess is an accomplishment.
I'd say for good reason. A classic of modern cinema, that scene The movie was scatterbrained but not entirely awful. Had some interesting parts and was well shot. I remember mostly all of it. Maybe sadly?
Not sure if you get the reference and are just playing games with me, which I appreciate , or it's a little obscure, which would make me feel old, which I am.
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