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Yea I can see that. Just the art direction alone is enough to turn people away, it took me a good 7 episodes to get used to it. Then you start focusing on the acting lol.I'd like some hijinks and misunderstandings in my life tbh. Life should be more like an 80's teen movie.This actually happens in the US too. But is often schools that the artists went to or their friend went to or they liked or something. For like certain festivals they are having.
I just remembered what I never quoted before.You're really hurting your main benefit in having a credit card and only helping the card companies by paying your balance so often, I think you said weekly. Ideally, what you should be doing is paying you entire statement balance near-ish the due date. That way, depending on when you bought something, you have about .75 -1.75 months of interest free credit, with no interest accruing.It's harder to keep track but if you always...
70hz? A bit high IMO. Maybe check seal? The sure seal tips can hold a deformation at a concave shape that will allow air in even if it feels sealed. Maybe I just have a boosted sensitivity to lower frequencies...LOL shakes fist at eke. Just run a sine sweep from like 10-40hz if you want to really test subbass "extension". Most IEMs these days will hit 40hz tbh at usable levels too. It's below that where it gets difficult.That won't let you hear quality of bass really, nor...
I think you'll be surprised at how the bass in general has a very realistic "authority" for such a non-boosted response. And in that sense I think it's a very smart tuning for a possible physical limitation.And I'm all about large size dynamic driver bass.But dude, remember the Heaven V? Dat bass? Dat single BA bass? Why do you think that about detail?
It really is. They nailed so much of it so well. Even the little things, like I loved the Madame, Monsieur, bonsoir, every time, for some reason.Speaking of masterpieces, 3 episodes into Cross Ange and I don't know whether it really is a 2.5 or I should just go for. 7/10 for their resolve with this show.But more seriously, finished Steins;Gate this weekend. Incredibly solid. 8.5/10. I take off half a point for music that could have been a bit better and cuz for the last 6...
maybe they meant Pesos
Chili is awesome. If its thick enough, I eat it on tortilla chips. Last one I made I used a Habanero pepper for the first time. It was glorious.That is really good.The patience and planning that must take.Heard of this. Sounds like a ride. No time =(Edit: Holy crap that is a lot of images in that game...Also, disliked BGM kinda sucks.Darn, here I thought it was an entity of Wayne Enterprises...Googled Wayne Enterprises to see the logo. Stumbled upon this:Very awesome.
So was AK, or so some thought.I agree it's expensive, but some people won't care and that market will continue to move up.Which would mean you're what, saving a moving target amount between like 12% and 40% tops, in the US? which is still a good discount I guess.
Yea, I'd say it is. It's completely different IMO except in underlying concept. Its more cerebral torment for the viewer. I don't think I remember one jump scare attempt in that movie.Phone finger doodles for the win?I've literally had no more than $60 on me in the last 2 or 3 months in total. Not maximum. Total.I should really keep track of my debit and credit card account transaction histories though... Oh well. Trust yo.
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