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+1Feel better soon!Did they prescribe anything good =)They're likely covering their asses and did a very lengthy calculation of expected cost to replace entire tablet versus replace and return. But when I read it, I still got a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Always nice when a company steps up instead of whining and delaying.As someone who waited somewhere between 2 and 3 hours for a pie once (time became a blue after the 2 hours, and they sure as heck weren't making...
Congrats! Knock it out of the park.This. They feel it's an acceptable casualty.That Bethesda came out with a clarification was the best part. So good.
Hmmm, kinda was, actually.Pretty sure this happened.
Just so much no.@Tom Yum Goong @HybridCoreThere seems to be a Mionix Naos 3200 on Massdrop right now, and might hit $39.Not sure if it's any good, or international shipping cost, but since you mentioned it earlier as being out of range , I thought I'd throw this in here.
Escape from L.A.   So sadly, I've yet to see escape from NY, which I know is just wrong. Not that its a sequel or anything, but its apparently kind of like buying a fake rolex. And on that basis, i don't really have the general complaint about the movie to echo.   I thought it was a pretty fun, if not pretty darn stupid ride. If taken for what it is, without any expectation for the lack of absurdity, the movie happens to be a short and sweet romp of people having fun...
And undoubtably uncomfortable.Like women's fashion... Or so I'm told...
Thnx!Sound like fun. Will watch.Awesome gif.
What's this from?
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