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Don't make fun Yes. She is.Basil is usually around $2.99 a bunch, or a box, or a plant. That 5 was for both basil and parsley.If I get a basil plant, I'll use all of it in two sessions and then have to wait I don't even know how long till more grows in.I assume that cheese was already on said burger.They have display case backs and skeleton dials (which make the time impossible to read). I don't know how much more you'd see from the side being clear except edges of cogs...
This was like 90% my impressions, unless I never posted them lol.More lively??? I don't think I could handle that.
Haha yea I was wondering how you'd do on pricing. Breaking it down, for 2 people for 4-5 meals, it's more palatable at ~ $5-6.5 per person per serving for great food. Not too bad.
Aaand mentioned this to gf. She gets excited and I am now down circa ~$55 for two cookings worth. Good job V, good job. I will now be eating this for the majority of the next week.
I dislike Rachel Ray so much. Not even for her personality (which is not exactly a saving grace). Her food in every capacity I have been served it is an insult to cooking. And to be paid handsomely for it including endorsements and product lines? I don't even.You're likely looking at 45-60 minutes unless you time everything just so and the meatballs are a bitch to flip, but,This is why I don't make this dish often @nyc prices:Slab of Romano: ~$74 cups cherry tomatoes:...
Here we go...
LOL, recipe not video. And I agree about the Italiano. She has a few gems though, and that is one of them. That's why I'd use the books (gf loves her and I benefit lol).
^ hours and talent. I'm a picky bastard when it comes to food. And if meatballs are what you want and pasta, I don't think I've had better than this at home and rarely out. Google "Giada turkey meatballs orecchiette" and see if you can find the least truncated recipe. I literally feel like a lion who hasn't eaten in a week when I have that. It's not pretty.
Making a good tomato sauce... Good luck.
I just want the SNES buttons...I guess the 3D from off angles is pretty good too.
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