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 This is a great idea. What cable would you recommend?
So I didn't really enjoy the Magnepans. Jumbled soundstage, very little impact and violins just sound wrong. Seeing as how they are based on the same technology, does this mean I won't like the LCD-2?
  "Silly Girl" - Garbage
After reading reviews describing the LCD-2 as laid back and it's "polite" reproduction of guitars, I think I'm leaning more towards the Grado.   I'm going to see if the shop I'm going to today has some demo Grados while I'm checking out their Magnepans.
Does this work with Mac OSX?
I can't properly audition any piece of audio equipment with a salesman staring me down.
I guess open is relative in this case. Compared to the Stax, the Denon's isolate well enough for a quiet office setting. The extra cup padding added from the MarkL mod help a little in this regard.
Thing is, I can most likely sell the LCD-2s for what I paid for them. This would not be the case with Grados or Alessandros.
I do need a closed pair for the office. Was thinking of selling the Stax. 
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