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Just took delivery of my HE-6's this morning. Only have the Macbook Pro here at work, will have to wait unitl I'm home to put them on the big rig.   Have to max out the volume on the laptop, but the sound they do put out is very balanced.
This review lists the HE-6 as shipping with the speaker-tap adapter. A pre-production review sample that included this adapter, maybe?
I thought the HE-6 shipped with a speaker tap adapter as a standard accessory.
I think between the description of the HE-6 vs the LCD-2, and the fact that I have one of these sitting unused in the closet, I am leaning towards the Hifiman.
These are sold.
I took delivery of these on December 2nd. Ordered new from soundearphones.com. They have about 120 hours of burn-in, and less than 10 hours of head-time. Absolutley flawless, as new. Includes original box and accessories (ext. cable and 1/8" adapter).   $500, buyer pays shipping and PayPal. Int'l sales welcome.
I picked up a set of RS1i's, and have put about 100 hours of burn-in on them. They are definitely a fun can. I love how light they are, and I personally find them quite comfortable. They might not be as detailed as the Denon, but the mids are far more solid, and they have mucho impact. I find myself tapping my feet and nodding my head with the music much more.   On a side note, how is the treble on the LCD-2 compared to my Stax SR-202? Darker, or brighter, etc?
These are sold.
  I have a set of Denon AH-D7000 that I had the MarkL Mod (dampening and earpad mod)performed on. Cups and cable are stock. I purchased the set new. The mod was done by Mark at Lawton Audio. I have all the boxes and paperwork, including the presentation box and certificate of authenticity from Lawton Audio. These have about 300 hours on them, 200 of which was burn-in time using the XLO Reference Recordings Burn-In CD.   There are two scratches each smaller than a...
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