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 I'm using a DAC19 as the source. I was previously using a C2 as the HP amp, in comparison the RA150 sounds better in every measurable way. The mids are more fleshed out, bass quantity and quality improved significantly.I tried using the C2 as a preamp, but it imparted a grainy quality to the sound, and removed the extremely black background these headphones are capable of.The issue with the volume imbalance was not present at first. I can easily tell which channel is...
I'm noticing an issue with my HE-6. I'm running them balanced with an Alesis RA-150. It seems like it takes an extra step of volume on the left channel to balance the stereo image. This is my first fully-balanced rig. I don't know if this is normal, or an issue I should be worried about.
Thanks for the advice.   Wondering if this is a good deal.   Obviously these need some work. Is Grado still offering restoration services for these?
These are sold.
On hold pending payment.
OK, I've messed with jumpers a little bit. Verdict is still out on SQ improvements with different configurations.   I've discovered I can only get the DI to output sound when Audio/MIDI control panel is set to 16/96 or 24/48. Why can't I set 24/96?
Recieved my DI about a week ago. A couple of questions and concerns. I'm using this between a Macbook Pro and an Audio-GD Dac19. I've read this thread trying to find answers, but did not see anything that applied to my situation. I've been waiting for 4 days for a reply from Audio-GD.   SQ seems to drop considerably when using the DI. Highs become brash, drums lose body, etc. My $3 Monoprice optical cable sounds much better than the DI. I opened it up to play with...
Very good condition, no visible flaws. Headband adjusters do not slip. Includes all original boxes and manuals. 120V wall wart PS included.   Open to trade for good closed headphones, I can add cash to even out a trade.   $400 shipped and PayPal'd in the CONUS.
Is there a board (or kit) with enough power to drive the Hifiman HE-6?   6 watts at 60 Ohms is recommended.
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