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On OSX- VLC, ITunes, and Play. On W7 and XP- VLC, iTunes, windows media player.
3.278 at test point. Leftover flux is from reflowing. I've cleaned the board with alcohol and a toothbrush.
Sorry it took so long to get these, my plate has been a little full lately.   Board looks clean to me, and like I said, reflowing U1 gets me a short amount of operation.
I'm having a probelm with my GrubDAC build, and am tired of waiting for my DIYForums account to be activated.   Initially the unit did not ouput sound. It would be recognized by the PC, no output. I reflowed U1, and subsequently got output from the unit for about 30 seconds. Then same situation. Reflowed U1 again, this time it only worked long enough for the Windows recognition tone to play.   Bad U1 maybe?
"The Jitter Fetisch"
I should be getting my pair of HD800's in the next day or two. I'll report back with comparisons.
I agree, to some extent, with this. The flipside to this argument is that less revealing/more colored headphones will also not work with all recordings. The level of detail retrieval and coloration will work with some recordings, but sound terrible with others.
The Alesis RA150 drives my HE-6 very well. Mids are more fleshed out, bass is improved. I can't really tell if the improved mids and bass make them seem less bright, or the amp itself is less bright. Soundstage accuracy has also improved, the HE-6 now throws sounds up in pinpoint locations.   Overall, I can't really find anything these do wrong. They may not be the most exciting thing (i.e. Derek Trucks Band self-titled album on RS1i's) on all material, but nothing...
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