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'61 IH Scout. First year of production (8,530th built). All original except for the wheels and shackles. The single-barrel 152ci propels it to a top speed of 52mph.
I sit less than 6 feet away from someone at work and they can't hear them. They are 600 ohms, so they definitely need an amp.
AKG K240 Sextett. It's semi-closed, so it will still leak some, but not nearly as much as a Grado. I have only heard an LP (late production) pair, but I think they sound very Grado-esque.
#574 just got here today. Purchased from third_eye.
 I checked continuity between all pins on the U1. Everything was 1.5K ohms and higher except pins 25(zgnd), 26(agndl) and pins 2(vccp), 3(host). According to the schematic these two circuits are connected. I did not check one pin to another as per the schematic(there are other pins that are connected), only side by side pins looking for a solder bridge.I did not reflow X1.
One month was the lead time clearly stated on the Audez'e website. I guess one person's "holding vendors to a certain level of responsiblity" is another's "childish rant".   There seems to be a lax attitude towards such things in this hobby. Like my D7000's that were "misplaced" for a month and a half by Lawton Audio. I think it's a dangerous thing to be so blase about. It leads to people being ripped off.
    I do not require clients (even new ones) to pay in advance, yet I work my ass off to make sure schedules are met. Your logic is severely flawed. Just because this is a "hobby" item, the rules of good business practice do not apply?
I'd rather be an attention whore than a troll.   The only impression I'm mistakenly under is that a premium price comes with premium service.
Just got my email that my set is ready. A good month longer than the Audez'e site indicated. If I continually produced results at my job a month after I said they'd be ready, I wouldn't have a job that allowed me to buy such premium items as LCD-2's.   And before members start chiming in with "it's a small operation, only two people producing them", my department has three people. One member of my team (me), travels quite a bit. We produce results, on...
It shows up in control panel/audio midi, but does not produce sound.
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